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The roller crusher has fast crushing speed and large loading capacity

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The roller crusher has fast crushing speed and large loading capacity. During the extrusion process, the rollers are stressed in two directions (axial and radial). The selected double row radial cylindrical roller bearings are made of cast steel. Pay attention to the bearing capacity of the roller crusher shell.
The bearings seat of the roller crusher is the total weight of the machine. Good lubrication has a great relationship with the service life of the bearings, which directly affects the service life and work efficiency of the machine. Therefore, the injected lubricant is cleaned and sealed. The newly installed wheel tyres of the roller crusher are easy to loosen and need to be checked carefully. Pay attention to whether all parts of the machine work normally. Consume the degree of wear of the gears of the rotating gearbox of the roller crusher, and replace the consumables at any time. If there is undamaged material in the machine, in order to prevent the movable bearing from moving in the reference coordinate system, the debris on the drive chassis plane will be removed to avoid major accidents.
The bearing heating of the roller crusher may be caused by the following conditions:
1. The bearing is damaged, the oil hole is blocked, the oil cannot be added to the roller, and it deviates from the position of the counterweight.
2. The dust jacket of the frame is also affected by the wear of the axial clearance bearing and the damage of the cage.
3. If it is not the temperature rise of the bearing, but the friction heat between the roller seal and the end cover, or the friction heat generated by the rotation of the two sets of frame shells and the main shaft.
4. If the bearing oil temperature of the roller crusher is high, please confirm the cause immediately and take it out. The rotating gear will collide when it is running, please check it immediately and stop it.

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