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Installation axial clearance of tapered roller bearings

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Adjusting the axial clearance The installation axial clearance of tapered roller bearings can be adjusted by adjusting nuts on the journal, adjusting shims and threads in the bearing seat holes, or using pre-tensioned springs. The size of the axial clearance is related to the arrangement of the bearing, the distance between the bearings, and the material of the shaft and the bearing seat, and can be determined according to the working conditions.
For tapered roller bearings with high loads and high speeds, when adjusting the clearance, the effect of temperature rise on the axial clearance must be considered, and the reduction in clearance caused by the temperature rise must be estimated, that is, the axial clearance It needs to be adjusted to be larger.
For low-speed and vibration-bearing bearings, clearance-free installation or pre-load installation should be adopted. Its purpose is to make the rollers and raceways of tapered roller bearings make good contact, evenly distribute the load, and prevent the rollers and raceways from being damaged by vibration and impact. After adjustment, the size of the axial clearance is checked with a dial indicator.
Installation of four-row tapered roller bearings (installation of roller bearings):
1. The fit between the inner ring of the four-row tapered roller bearing and the roll neck is generally with clearance. When installing, put the bearing into the bearing box first, and then put the bearing box into the journal.
The outer ring of the two- and four-row tapered roller bearing also adopts a dynamic fit with the bearing box hole. First, install the outer ring A into the bearing box. The word {HotTag} is printed on the outer ring, inner ring, and inner and outer spacers when leaving the factory, and must be installed in the bearing box in the order of the characters and symbols during installation. Can not be interchanged arbitrarily to prevent the change of bearing clearance.
3. After all the parts are installed in the bearing box, the inner ring and the inner spacer, and the outer ring and the outer spacer are axially abutted.
4. Measure the gap width between the end face of the outer ring and the bearing box cover to determine the thickness of the corresponding gasket.

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