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Brief Knowledge of Cylindrical Roller Bearing

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Brief Knowledge of Cylindrical Roller Bearing


Cylindrical Roller Bearing: Rolling body is the cylindrical roller. The inner structure of cylindrical roller bearings is arranged the roller in parallel. There are isolation blocks between rollers, which can prevent the roller slanting or the friction between the rollers, and effectively prevent the increase of rotational torque.

Cylindrical roller bearing belongs to separation type bearing, it is very convenient to install and disassemble. Cylindrical roller bearings can bear large radial loads and are suitable for use at high speed.

This kind of bearing allows a small angle error between the inner ring axis and the outer ring axis, only 2 '~ 4'. Therefore, the machining precision of the shaft and bearing seat is high, otherwise It is easy to have uneven load or stress concentration at the contact part of the raceway. However, However, the correction of the contact busbar of roller or raceway can reduce the occurrence of stress concentration.

Cylindrical roller bearings can be divided into single, double and multi column roller bearings, depending on the number of columns. Different structural bearings are also shown in the design of the position of the edge.


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