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Current status of natural spherical graphite processing equipment

wallpapers Industry 2021-03-25
The spheroidization equipment is the key to the spheroidization process of natural graphite, and the spheroidization of natural graphite mainly occurs inside the spheroidization equipment. Researchers found that the selection of different spheroidization equipment will also greatly affect the spheroidization efficiency of natural graphite and the quality of the finished spherical graphite.
At present, there are two methods of spheroidizing natural graphite by mechanical force method: air impact method and grinding method. The typical representatives of the air impact method are the high-speed air impact granulator and the air vortex micro-powder machine, and the typical representative of the grinding method is the stirring mill. Now, the application status of these spheroidization equipment will be analyzed in detail.
Mixing mill
When the stirring mill is applied to the spheroidization of natural graphite, most of the natural microcrystalline graphite is used as the raw material, and the grinding medium moves irregularly under the action of the stirring device, thereby generating impact force. Under the action of impact force, natural graphite particles are gradually ground into arc shapes to obtain spherical graphite  products with higher sphericity.
Airflow vortex micro powder machine
The airflow vortex micro-powder machine is an advanced vertical micro-pulverization equipment, which is widely used in the production and preparation of various fine particles due to its simple structure and good grinding performance. The manufacturer introduced this equipment to carry out research on the production of spherical graphite, and found that the equipment can be well applied to the production of spherical graphite.
High-speed airflow impingement granulator
HYB adopts a horizontal structure, mainly composed of high-speed rotating rotors, blades, stators, circulation paths and other components. In the process of processing, natural graphite particles enter from the feeding trough. With the high-speed airflow caused by the rotor, the high-speed airflow rotates at a high speed inside the machine body and is quickly and evenly dispersed. Repeated collisions, frictions and shears between them, and then enter the circulation path through the circulation entrance and return to the inside of the body to continue the spheroidization process. Under constant impact, the natural graphite particles are gradually polished into spherical particles.

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