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Superior performance of titanium diboride sputtering target

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Titanium Diboride Sputtering Target
In the machining process of aluminum, material particles may adhere to the tip of the tool, so the tool has to use more force to remove the workpiece material and accelerate the wear. The tool tip often breaks prematurely. But not for tools with titanium diboride (TiB2) coating. These tools are especially suitable for machining and cutting aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.
The biggest advantage of titanium diboride sputtering target
Titanium diboride is very strong. Unlike other coatings, TiB2 will not react with aluminum, and metal particles will not adhere to the tool, thus ensuring smooth machining.
The magnetron sputtering process is used to spray hard titanium diboride coating, pure ceramic titanium diboride sputtering target and bonding target, and the back plate is made of molybdenum or copper. These backplanes make our bonding targets stable, crack-resistant and easy to use. Titanium diboride sputtering targets are now very popular due to its fine, uniform microstructure, high density, and strong thermal shock resistance.
Microstructure of titanium diboride sputtering target
The TiB2 powder undergoes special pretreatment to ensure that the target material has extremely fine grain size and uniform microstructure. The target material is evenly abraded during the coating process to ensure a smoother coating. As a ceramic material, titanium diboride must be compacted at a high temperature of 1700 to 2000 °C, and its density reaches 98% of the theoretical density. Perfect coating structure plus best adhesion.
During the coating process, the target material will be affected by high temperature. Once the sputtering is complete, the material cools rapidly again. This may cause cracks or breaks in the target material. But the titanium diboride sputtering target has excellent thermal shock resistance and can easily withstand countless heating and cooling cycles.

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