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The Difference Between High-Purity Boron Powder and Borax

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High-purity boron powder is black or dark brown powder. Borax is a boron-containing mineral and boride. When metal welding, borax can purify the metal surface and can also be used for medical purposes. What is the difference between high-purity boron powder and borax? ?
The difference in appearance is that high-purity boron powder is black or dark brown powder, while borax is colorless translucent crystal or white crystalline powder. The difference in solubility: high-purity boron powder is more active in chemical properties, can react with fluorine at room temperature, is not corroded by aqueous hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid, and is insoluble in water, while borax can slowly weather in the air.
The difference between application and use: High-purity boron powder is widely used in metallurgy, medicine, electronics, ceramics, chemical industry, nuclear industry and other fields. Borax can be used as additives for various materials, such as washing powder and soap filler, optical glass Materials, raw materials for enamel and enamel, artificial gem materials, etc., can also be used in medicine to treat oral ulcers, throat swelling and pain, and eye disease.
High-purity boron powder is rich in fuel propellant and can be used as the preferred charge for missiles and ramjet engines, and can meet the performance requirements of air-to-air missiles at high speed, long range and small size. It can also be used as a high-energy fuel. Boron powder has a low ignition point. Boron is a good non-metallic fuel. In addition, the boron powder has a large surface area and low ignition temperature due to its irregular shape.

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