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The Introduction of Tapered Roller Bearing

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The Introduction of Tapered Roller Bearing


Tapered roller bearings are generally used to support combined load mainly consisting of radial load. The bearing capacity depends on the angle of outer ring raceway, the larger the Angle, the greater the carrying capacity. Their cups are separable and easy to assembly. According to the columns of the rolling body, it can be divided into single row , double row, and four-row tapered roller bearing. 

Tapered roller bearings has cone inner ring and outer ring raceway, the tapered roller is installed in between. The projection lines of all the tapered surfaces meet at a common point on the bearing axis, this design makes tapered roller bearings suitable for undertake composite load. The axial load capacity of the bearing is largely determined by the contact Angle, the greater the Angle, the higher the axial load capacity. 

Tapered roller bearings are widely used in automobile, rolling mill, mining, metallurgy, plastic machinery and other industries.


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