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what is Roller Bearing?

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What is Roller Bearing?

Roller bearing is a type of bearing with the journal rotating in circumferential contact with a number of rollers mounted on locating rings. Roller bearings can be preloaded to achieve good accuracy and rigidity. And can also use the tapered inner ring, to adjust the bearing work clearance.

1: The radial bearing capacity of roller is large, can be suitable for those who bear the heavy load and impact load.

2: Small friction coefficient, suitable for those high-speed, speed limit close to deep groove ball bearings.

3: N-type and NU-type can be moved axially, to accommodate those due to thermal expansion or installation errors caused by changes in the relative position of the shaft and the housing can be used for free-end support.

4: The shaft or seat hole machining requirements are high.

5: inner ring or outer ring are detachable, easy to install and remove the bearing.

Roller bearings are mainly used in large and medium-sized motors, rolling stock, machine tool spindles, internal combustion engines, generators, gas turbines, gear boxes, rolling mills, vibrating screens and lifting and transport machinery.

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