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"Jumping out of coal": Kailuan coal chemical industry aims at the high end of the industry

wallpapers News 2020-10-30

Kailuan, as the "source of China's coal industry", has created remarkable achievements. However, for Kailuan, which has been exploited for more than 130 years, the depletion of resources is an unavoidable practical problem. The Kailuan Group of

believes that the exhaustion of resources is not terrible, but the exhaustion of ideas. Transformation development has become the consensus of Kailuan people. Kailuan's transformation is based on coal, jumping out of coal, extending coal, based on coal without relying on coal, extending coal without aboning coal.

is a key industrial project of the group's transformation development. According to the scientific development path of large-scale, base oriented park oriented, upstream downstream industry alliance, circular economy,

has realized the development from scratch. Three coal chemical parks, namely Jingtang Port, Qian'an Chengde, have been built, with an annual output of 7.2 million tons of coke, 300000 tons of tar processing 200000 tons of methanol It has a production scale of 200000 tons of crude benzol hydrofining, has entered the field of new energy, new materials fine chemical industry from traditional coal chemical industry. It has the largest comprehensive industrial scale, longest industrial chain leading technology level in Hebei Province. At the beginning of the plan, Kailuan coal chemical industry aimed at the high end of the industry. At present, the projects under construction a number of production processes equipment are at the leading level in China the world: 6-meter large-scale top charging coke oven is adopted for coking, all supporting CDQ devices are provided; The processing of coal tar is mainly exported to the international market through the introduction of American cobras technology; the hydrogenation of crude benzene adopts the international leading gas-phase Low-Temperature Hydrogenation optimization process vacuum extraction distillation technology, its quality reaches the national stard of petrochemical benzene; polyoxymethylene adopts Korean technology domestic optimization technology of adipic acid, with energy consumption level product quality reaching the world advanced level

in 2013, Kailuan ranked 22nd among China's top 500 chemical enterprises in 2013, No.1 in China's top 50 coking manufacturing industry. In the first half of 2014, under the situation of general loss in the same industry in China, Kailuan coal chemical industry continued to develop against the trend, with an industrial income of 8.2 billion yuan a profit of 119 million yuan.

in fact, high value-added projects such as polyoxymethylene, adipic acid methanol fuel in Kailuan coal chemical industry have not been officially put into operation, the overall benefits have not been fully brought into play.

have undergone great changes in the past 10 years. Driving all the way from Tangshan city to Bohai Bay, the sky is blue the sea is wide, the train of thought is suddenly enlightened. A modern park, jingtanggang coal chemical industry park, has sprung up on the original saline alkali beach. It is the top priority of the three coal chemical industry parks built by Kailuan Group. It is also a 3255 circular economy demonstration park in Hebei Province. Zhongrun company, kobers Kailuan carbon chemical company (TKK company) Tangshan Zhonghao Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhonghao company") are responsible for transportation Camp.

are the leading industries. The

Jingtang Port coal chemical industry park covers an area of more than 4300 mu. As the main body of the park construction, Zhongrun company is a green recycling coal chemical enterprise that Kailuan Group plays the advantages of coal resources, extends the coal based industrial chain, focuses on building green circular coal chemical industry.

"Zhongrun company is actively playing a leading role in demonstration. At present, it has formed annual production capacity of 2.2 million tons of coke, 200000 tons of methanol 200000 tons of crude benzene processing capacity, integrating coking, CDQ power generation, coal gas to methanol, crude benzene refining, sewage advanced treatment other processes." Liu xinbing, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Zhongrun company.

Since the establishment of

in July 2006, Zhongrun company has firmly grasped the development direction of "circular economy green chemical industry" according to the overall strategy of the group company's circular economy development mode. By trying to use new technologies, new processes new projects in the field of coal chemical industry, Zhongrun has constantly armed improved the company's modern technology level, vigorously promoted the base, scale, upstream downstream We should actively explore ways to promote the development of circular economy, strive to create a new modern coal chemical enterprise with "green environmental protection circular development".

have achieved 100% comprehensive balanced utilization of water, gas, steam, nitrogen, compressed air, methanol purge gas other media in the park through seven major circulation systems, achieving the goal of energy conservation emission reduction of "no waste residue ling, no sewage discharge". In the advanced wastewater treatment system jointly developed by Zhongrun company scientific research institutions, the wastewater from coking project after advanced treatment is far better than the national discharge index, meets the requirements of production water.

according to the introduction, the three projects of advanced wastewater treatment, reclaimed water reuse methanol purge gas reuse are jointly or independently developed by Zhongrun company scientific research institutions, which are new breakthroughs in water treatment waste gas treatment technology in coking industry. These processes have played an important role in energy saving, emission reduction circular development of the company.

Park, industrial chain circular economy are highly summarized for the coal chemical industry image of Kailuan Group. Through the development of circular economy, energy conservation emission reduction have been realized from the source, the energy conservation emission reduction work has been promoted to the whole process all-round development through technological innovation, the comprehensive utilization of various wastes has been realized; The whole process all-round energy conservation emission reduction provide raw materials, various power media economic basis for the development of circular economy, forming a benign interactive situation, achieving the double harvest of economic social benefits.

profit secret

under the background of weak market, what is the secret behind Zhongrun's profit?

all benefit from the development value of enterprises to circular economy. Although it is a chemical enterprise producing coke a variety of coal chemical products, there is no pungent smell of traditional coking plant in Zhongrun company.


Zhongrun company considered the industrial chain of circular economy at the beginning of demonstration. A large number of by-products, such as gas crude benzene, will be produced in coke production. Zhongrun company squeezes all these by-products, uses gas to produce industrial methanol, refines crude benzene, which opens a value-added journey.

Zhongrun company owns coking, methanol crude benzene hydrogenation projects at the same time
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