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Advanced materials: novel V-series oxide co2vo4 for efficient oxygen reduction

wallpapers News 2020-11-28

is a kind of catalyst with low cost excellent performance for various electrochemical energy equipment which is a research hotspot in academic industrial circles. At present transition metal oxides are considered to be the most likely alternative to commercial noble metal catalysts for large-scale application in renewable energy technologies because of their cost-effectiveness abundant reserves. Researchers optimize the catalytic activity of oxides by adjusting the electronic structure reducing the size of materials doping defect engineering. In addition the practical application of oxide materials is also limited by its low conductivity.

vanadium oxides are a kind of strong electron correlation materials. Goodenough proposed that when the V-V distance is less than the critical value of 2.97 Å the d-electrons will travel along the V-V atomic chain making the oxide exhibit metallic behavior. Therefore the combination of vanadium transition metals with high electrochemical activity will provide a new strategy for the design of oxide electrocatalysts.

recently Professor Ling Tao of Tianjin University Professor Qiao Shizhang of Adelaide University in Australia jointly reported a new type of V-series oxide co2vo4. Co2vo4 is an inverse spinel structure half of CO2 occupies the octahedral site of oxygen the other half of CO2 occupies the tetrahedral site of oxygen. The experimental results show that the spin 6R octahedron is very low which is beneficial to the calculation of the electron structure. Electrical measurements show that the V-V spacing in co2vo4 is 2.965 Å which is several orders of magnitude higher than that of single cobalt oxides coo Co3O4. Due to the ideal electronic structure high conductivity favorable micro / nano structure of co2vo4 the zinc air battery using co2vo4 as air cathode catalyst has achieved a peak power density of 380 MW cm-2 which is the highest value reported in the literature. The researchers of

believe that the catalyst design strategy of combining conductive V atomic chain with metal atoms with high electrochemical activity to significantly improve the conductivity catalytic activity of oxides will be expected to exp the application of oxide catalysts in other electrocatalytic fields such as oxygen precipitation reaction hydrogen precipitation reaction.

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