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Butadiene rebounded strongly again, PX and PTA decreased with oil price

wallpapers News 2020-08-25
According to the monitoring of

this week, 13% (19% of last week's increase) of varieties, 47% (47% of last week) of flat price, 40% of decline (34% of last week), the average price drop exped to 0.8%. Propylene oxide, propylene oxide propylene oxide in Southeast Asia increased respectively. The top five products were East China calcium carbide, Shanghai natural rubber, Vancouver sulfur FOB, East China glycol vinyl acetate. In terms of

, the price difference of glyphosate glycine, butanone butane, TDI toluene MDI aniline narrowed by 2.4%, 1.1%, 0.9% 0.3% respectively this week, while the price difference of PVC calcium carbide carbon black coal tar by acetylene process remained stable this week.

petrochemical industry: l Brent fell below the $100 mark for the first time in 17 months. Both EIA OPEC lowered their global oil dem forecasts. The data of the US employment market is not good. The only positive may be the unstable situation in the Middle East. International oil prices have been falling continuously recently. Brent WTI prices fell 3.7% 1.1% respectively to 97.1 92.3 US dollars / barrel on Friday. U.S. crude oil inventories continued to fall by 970000 barrels to 358 million barrels last week, while gasoline distillate oil inventories rose. The operating rate of US refineries continued to rise by 0.6% to 93.9% last week.

Southeast Asian ethylene propylene rose 0.3% - 1.2% respectively this week to 1500 1255 US dollars / ton. Domestic Haiyue drives smoothly propylene price falls. Due to unexpected shutdown of some units in Asia, butadiene supply in Southeast Asia continued to soar by 8.7% to US $1500 / T this week. Domestic plants of Tianjin Bluestar qixiangtengda (15.83, - 0.13, - 0.81%) were shut down. Shong Wa stopped exporting. Fushun Liaoyang Chemical Co., Ltd. had Limited export volume, butadiene supply was also tight. Liaotong butadiene supply price increased by 800 yuan / ton to 11060 yuan / ton. With the decline of naphtha, PX PTA, ethylene glycol vinyl acetate fell 5.4% 4.8% to 7000 8000 yuan / ton respectively this week.

basic chemical: urea: International urea FOB Baltic small particles rose 3.1% this week to 335 US dollars / ton. The domestic urea market continued to decline, but the decline slowed down. India's mmtc urea indefinite bidding deadline was September 17. Enterprises near Hong Kong once again received orders from the port. The short-term shipping pressure eased, the manufacturers' willingness to st out was gradually strengthened. But at present, high phosphate fertilizer is the main fertilizer in autumn, the dem for urea is limited. The mainstream ex factory quotation of Shong urea is about 1540-1560 yuan / ton The factory wholesale prices of domestic urea decreased by 1.8% 0.6% to 1620 1650 yuan / ton respectively, while the retail price remained stable at 1700 yuan / ton. The autumn fertilizer preparation of downstream compound fertilizer is coming to an end, the transaction of new monoammonium fertilizer orders slows down, the mainstream quotation of 55% powder is 2300-2350 yuan / ton. The export momentum of diammonium is still strong, India Pakistan dem is relatively strong, CIF price continues to rise, domestic diammonium price is temporarily stable, the ex factory price of 64% diammonium in Hubei is 2700-2750 yuan / ton. The supply of domestic potassium chloride is still tight, the price is rising continuously, the quantity of imported potassium chloride is still small, the price is high stable. Pesticide: glycine of raw material is stable at 13200 yuan / ton. Glyphosate started to rise slightly this week, but trading remained light. Glyphosate in Xin'an fell 1.8% to 27250 yuan / ton this week. Polyurethane: Sinopec's price of pure benzene continued to fall, while aniline fell. Raw materials of pure benzene aniline fell by 2.2% 2.4% respectively to 8850 10000 yuan / ton this week. Although supported by the listing prices of mainstream manufacturers, the dem for polymerized MDI is still sluggish, the shipment is not smooth, the inventory of manufacturers is generally high. The market price of polymerized MDI in East China fell by 2.8% this week to 15450 yuan / ton, pure MDI remained stable for the time being. The downstream polyether increased one after another this week, with the range of 200-300 yuan / ton. Due to the tight supply of Po in Shong Province, Binhai chemical other units were overhauled. The propylene oxide of Binhai Chemical Co., Ltd. rose 1.4% to 14900 yuan / ton this week. Chlor alkali: in North China, East China other places, calcium carbide is in short supply, prices in some areas are rising. Calcium carbide in East China fell sharply by 7.7% to 3000 yuan / ton this week. Coal chemical industry: methanol in East China rose slightly by 0.4% to 2610 yuan / ton. Acetic acid enterprises have basically resumed production, dem is relatively low, enterprises are slow to move goods. East China acetic acid fell 2.6% to 3750 yuan / ton this week. Yima Xinyuan dimethyl ether rose 1.4% to 3500 yuan / ton this week. Like gum: with Thail selling its inventory of natural rubber Vietnam's cancellation of import export tariffs, the price of natural rubber in Shanghai fell 6.2% to 11675 yuan / ton this week. PetroChina Sinopec cut the ex factory quotation of styrene butadiene rubber one after another, the transaction was weak. Qilu styrene butadiene 1502 fell 2.4% to 12100 yuan / ton this week. Chemical fiber: Polyester: crude oil continued to decline, leading to a continuous decline in px-pta, PTA fell to 6740 yuan / ton, but the operating load was still around 60%. Polyester filament FDY, POY, etc. also fell in an all-round way, the current production sales remained at about 50% - 70%. At present, the low price of viscose manufacturers is still in the low range, but the supply of viscose is still on the rise. Spex: the terminal dem has picked up slightly the transaction has improved. At present, the mainstream price of 40d spex is about 45000-50000 yuan / ton, while the mainstream price of 20d spex is about 56000-63000 yuan / ton.

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