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Can germanium can be used as a cosmetic additive?

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What is germanium?
The main raw materials are organic germanium ore and other basic materials or magnet minerals. Color is blue, saffron.
Germanium powder effect
Germanium, is a German chemist Wenkel discovered. It is a light-colored metal, a semiconductor substance, its atom has 32 electrons, and electrons are expanded in the human body, and the cell is oxygenated by purifying. After the study, the atomic arrangement in the crystals is like diamond, hard and crisp, and germanium is very scattered in nature distribution. Copper mine. Iron ore, sulfide, and rock, soil and spring water contain a trace of germanium. The content in the crust is 1 million, so the ruthenium contains eleven precious elements. Hypoxia has become the root cause of vast disease, and is called the oxygen that can be eaten. The study proves that the following condition caused by germanium on hypoxia: due to the aggravation of mental stress, the blood viscosity is increased; the new metabolism caused by insufficient exercise is insufficient; various heart factors and physical and mental weakness Insufficient; under the lung function caused by breathing air; a large amount of inhaled excess chemical substance (drug or chemical seasoning).germanium is the damage caused by suppressing the radiation, thereby reducing damage, restoring the injured cells. The blood is added to the blood cells to clean the blood. Liver cancer. Cancer and respiratory diseases, asthma and dermatological diseases such as lung cancer, gastric cancer have special efficacy.

Inorganic mite powder
Inorganic germanium powder is in contact with the surface of the skin, and the pain and muscle stiffness can make great effects, and have the effect of preventing aging and enhancing immunity. Mainly used in the bathing ceramics, additives of the physiotherapy product.

Organic germanium can be used as an anti-cancer candidate drug
Among several organic ruthenium compounds having biological activity. So far, the first semi-oxide, spiral and derivative thereof, and its derivative thereof are low toxic effective anti-cancer candidate drugs.
With regard to the effects of ruthenium compounds, there are also experiments in anti-aging, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, chronic gastritis.
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