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Carbon disulfide industry to eliminate backward production capacity

wallpapers News 2020-09-30

on the one h, the backward production capacity that the state ordered to rectify eliminate within a specified time limit has advantages in raw material cost "money" prospect; on the other h, due to the large investment in advanced technology encouraged by the state, the current natural gas price is still high the product profit is low. Carbon disulfide is now facing such an embarrassment. On September 3, carbon disulfide enterprises gathered in Beijing to seek breakthrough. Leading enterprises said that although it is difficult, but also give up small profits to consider the overall situation.

it is understood that as a flammable, explosive, toxic harmful dangerous chemical, carbon disulfide is a small industry, but the state has strict supervision on it. According to the raw materials, the production process mainly includes charcoal method, coke method natural gas method. Since May 1, 2013, the "carbon disulfide industry access conditions" was officially implemented, which requires the elimination of seriously polluted backward charcoal process production units, the elimination of batch process production units with coke as raw material before May 1, 2015. After the implementation of


industry access conditions, nearly 200000 tons of charcoal carbon disulfide production enterprises with coke process were shut down. However, with the change of market conditions, the main downstream users of viscose fiber rubber additives industry benefits are not good, coupled with the rise in the price of natural gas, the industry's pace of eliminating backward production capacity has slowed down. " Kong qingran, chairman of the carbon disulfide branch of China Inorganic Salt Industry Association chairman of Shanghai Baijin chemical industry group, said.

reporters learned that the current situation of carbon disulfide industry is very embarrassing. On the one h, the State encourages the use of advanced natural gas production process, but there is no supporting incentive mechanism measures. On the contrary, the price of natural gas keeps rising, which brings difficulties to the production operation of natural gas process carbon disulfide enterprises; On the other h, carbon disulfide has excess capacity, but is required to be eliminated within a time limit. Due to the low investment, quick return cheap raw materials, the coke process project is not only slow to be eliminated, but also has the trend of capacity expansion. According to the introduction of

, a new 50000 T / a natural gas process carbon disulfide unit will generally cost more than 100 million yuan. However, the reaction furnaces required by the coke process can be constructed one by one, the production can be exped at the same time with investment of several hundred thous yuan. In addition, the cost of raw material cost is nearly 1000 yuan lower than that of natural gas process. Therefore, some enterprises are not willing to give up this capacity from the perspective of purely pursuing efficiency.

. However, it is understood that the current coke process is intermittent production, adopts unorganized emission, the emission of toxic harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide hydrogen sulfide can not be avoided in the process of production, furnace shutdown, cover opening charging, which has brought about safety environmental protection problems. Wu Mingyu, President of China Inorganic Salt Industry Association of

, stressed that the whole industry must take the overall situation of national development as the priority, take the initiative to transform upgrade in the spirit of being responsible for the country society, without any speculation fluke psychology. He said that the difficulties are temporary, the whole industry should unite as one, resolutely eliminate backward production capacity accelerate industrial upgrading. Kong qingran of

said that Shanghai Baijin chemical group would take the lead in eliminating backward production capacity. "At present, our total production capacity is 244000 tons, of which there are more than 70000 tons of backward coke process capacity. No matter how much money we make, we will resolutely eliminate it." Zhou Xingang, vice president of

Liaoning Ruixing chemical group, told reporters that the backward production capacity of the enterprise was shut down as early as the 1990s. At present, the production capacity of more than 230000 tons is produced by natural gas method. He said that strictly implementing the access conditions, speeding up the elimination of backward production capacity strengthening the implementation of cleaner production have become the most urgent work of the industry.

Shanxi Fenyang Xingyu Chemical Co., Ltd. chairman Wang yingyu also said that the company has started to build 60000 tons of natural gas carbon disulfide project, will gradually eliminate the original 30000 tons of coke process capacity.

coke intermittent carbon disulfide enterprises also said that they should strengthen technical transformation to meet the requirements of national environmental protection industry access.

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current situation of carbon disulfide industry

China is the country with the largest production consumption of carbon disulfide. According to statistics, there are more than 50 carbon disulfide production enterprises in China, with a total production capacity of 900000 tons an actual output of 770000 tons. Among them, the natural gas production capacity encouraged by the state accounts for 67%, the coke charcoal production capacity eliminated restricted by the state accounts for 33%. At present, the total market dem is more than 600000 tons, the industry is in the state of overcapacity.

carbon disulfide are mainly used in the production of man-made viscose fiber, rubber additives, cellophane, agricultural chemicals, etc. At present, there are about 118 domestic enterprises using carbon disulfide, among which viscose fiber rubber additives account for 2 / 3.

carbon disulfide industry concentration is high, Shanghai Baijin chemical industry group accounts for 31.69% of the market share, Liaoning Ruixing chemical industry group accounts for 30.26% of the market share. Other manufacturers accounted for 38.05% of the market share. At present,

have already transited from charcoal method coke process to advanced natural gas process, have many invention patents utility model patents, realize the export of complete sets of technology equipment. It shows that the advanced process of carbon disulfide with natural gas as raw material can completely replace the backward coke charcoal production process.

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