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Comprehensive planning of graphene industry expected to be released within the year

wallpapers News 2020-12-09

at the 2014 China International graphene Innovation Conference, the reporter interviewed Li Yichun, Secretary General of China graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance. "The state attaches great importance to the graphene industry, a comprehensive plan for the graphene industry is expected to be issued within this year," Li said Li Yichun of

previously said that the research development of graphene is a key support content in the 863 Program of the Ministry of science technology, graphene will also be included in the 13th five year plan. Graphene industry planning has more guiding significance for the whole industry. Li Yichun said that at present, all departments of the state attach great importance to the graphene industry. Now the national development Reform Commission takes the lead integrates the opinions of other ministries commissions to formulate a comprehensive plan for the graphene industry, which is expected to be released within the year. The plan will involve industrial funds, scientific technological innovation, basic research, industrial layout international cooperation.

Li Yichun said that it is uncertain whether the national major special project will be established to support the development of graphene industry, but the government is more likely to set up industrial funds. As for the operation mode of graphene industry fund, the state is seeking to include the medium capacity. Central government funds may be used as supporting funds for graphene projects. " Li Yichun thinks that the ratio of the central government, local government private capital is 2:2:6. The scale of graphene industry fund should be about 10 billion yuan, the central government should invest 2 billion yuan.

currently include Ningbo, Wuxi, Changzhou, Qingdao other cities, which have established graphene industrial parks launched various preferential policies to attract investment. "If the graphene project is to obtain financial support from the central government, it must first be supported by local governments private capital investment," Li said. Graphene Industrial Park is more suitable for areas with developed economy abundant local financial resources In addition to the government's attention to the industry, the development of graphene is inseparable from the support of capital market. There are more more cases of venture capital listed companies investing in graphene. At this conference, China's graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance also led the establishment of graphene industry investment financing alliance, using investment financing methods collaborative innovation ability to accelerate the process of graphene industrialization. "We hope that all kinds of funds can invest in graphene projects in laboratory stage, seed stage, early stage, middle stage late stage according to their own characteristics," Li said

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