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Demonstration should be done well in coal chemical industry

wallpapers News 2020-07-14
Compared with the draft for soliciting opinions, the

catalogue of encouraged industries in Western China released by the national development Reform Commission has deleted modern coal chemical projects such as coal to olefin coal to methanol. This shows that the national policy on the development of modern coal chemical industry has been adjusted, the aura of "encouraging industry" hidden in the past has faded away. When the state tends to be cautious about the development of coal chemical industry, what should we do about the coal chemical demonstration projects that have been constructed before? What about the coal chemical projects that have already got the "road strip"?

the author thinks that the coal chemical industry demonstration project that has been completed should not only be carried on, but also be focused on. One of the reasons for the deletion of coal chemical industry in the catalogue is that there are too many lessons from the ongoing coal chemical industry demonstration projects, the construction is not ideal enough, which has caused various concerns. Therefore, it is suggested that the government should strengthen the organization leadership of the established demonstration projects from the national level, increase the support, give full play to the advantages of the system mechanism, concentrate on technical research. Only when the existing demonstration projects are well constructed, can the image of modern coal chemical industry be rebuilt the confidence of all parties in the development of modern coal chemical industry be revived. According to the author's understing, more than ten modern coal chemical projects have been completed put into operation under construction, with an investment amount of hundreds of billion yuan. Only a few of these projects have achieved continuous stable operation, most of them are extremely unstable due to technical, environmental protection other reasons. The main problems are: 1) the key technologies such as "gas head" are extremely immature; 2) the wastewater treatment process is not perfect; 3) the construction of each project is in its own way, the sharing of information resources is not formed.

therefore, it is suggested that the state should carry out the experience summary of coal chemical demonstration projects. It has been nearly 10 years since the demonstration of modern coal chemical industry in China since 2005, there are many coal chemical demonstration projects. However, what kind of experience lessons what are the shortcomings of these demonstration projects in the construction process have not been comprehensively summarized evaluated from the national level, the sharing of information resources in the industry has not been realized. For example, the problems in the design of some demonstration projects are being "copied" "inherited" by other projects one by one, the unnecessary cost is amazing. Therefore, it is suggested that authoritative experts scholars should be organized by the state to comprehensively sort out summarize the experience lessons of existing coal chemical projects, so that the demonstration projects can really play the role of "demonstration", the latecomers will not take detours.

. For the coal chemical projects approved but not yet put into operation, it is suggested to postpone the construction. At present, a large number of modern coal projects have been carried out in the early stage, some have been in the state of "watching watching" for nearly two years. In view of the high risk of coal chemical projects the significant impact on water resources ecological environment in the western region, it is suggested that the state should postpone the continuous promotion of these projects, consider it after the bottleneck problems such as technology environmental protection of existing demonstration projects have made a real breakthrough formed mature experience. It is suggested that the local government should draw lessons from the recent major environmental events in Western China treat the "settlement" of coal chemical projects with caution. At the same time, it is also hoped that enterprises with "roadblocks" will listen to the voices of all parties, do more "infeasibility" analysis of projects, look at the actual situation of the projects under construction, do not blindly follow the trend.

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