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Do you know how to identify and choose a human hair wig that suits you?

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How to identify human hair wigs?
Nowadays, wigs are mixed with fish eyes on the market. The gloss of chemical fiber silk is very bright, human hair wigs is the same as we usually see, not so dazzling; secondly, it is felt by hand, human hair wigs feels smooth and soft to the touch, and the hair is refreshing and elegant, although chemical fiber looks Bright, but it feels a bit hard to the touch. The wind blows the hair without movement. After a long time, the hair ends will be curled. There is also a mixed hair, which is usually made of a mixture of human hair wigs and chemical fiber. This kind of hair is more difficult to distinguish. The easiest way is to burn a handful of hair with a lighter. After a 100% real person has a fever, it will turn into dust. The smell is like burnt wool thread, and the chemical fiber will stick together after being burned. It emits a pungent smell, like the smell of burning a plastic bag.
How to tell if a wig is good or bad?
1. Vision: From a visual point of view, the first impression of a good wig is true and natural. The fine workmanship and high-quality hair material are the first elements to distinguish the quality of the wigs. Secondly, the attractiveness of the style is also very important to personal preference.
2. Hand feeling: Inferior wigs feel dry, heavy and old-fashioned. Mengweishi wigs have uniform hair weight, light and plump, smooth to the touch, which is a very natural feeling.
3. Workmanship: It is normal for wigs to lose hair, and inferior wigs are particularly prone to fall off and difficult to take care of. The needles on the scalp are thick and the hairline is crowded, making it easy to fall off the scalp. The inner mesh cap is rough by hand, not easy to dissipate heat.
4. Safety: Look at the manufacturer. The wigs produced by small wig manufacturing factories are usually mixed with inferior hair or made of inferior hair in order to maximize profits, but inferior hair is not flame-retardant and has chemical toxins.

How to choose wig hair color according to skin color?
1. Warm white skin tone
People with warm white skin are better at matching colors. Compared with cold white skin, they have more choices when choosing hair color. You can try foggy yellow, light brown, black, dull blue, and various trendy colors.
2. Yellow skin color
Suitable wig hair colors: chestnut, darker brown, black and red.
3. Darker skin tone
Suitable wig hair color: golden, light brown or bright color.

The price of human hair wigs
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