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Excess production capacity of ammonium nitrate in China

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ammonium nitrate is a colorless orthorhombic or monoclinic crystal. It is mainly used as fertilizer, industrial military explosives. It can also be used as insecticide, cryogen, nitrogen oxide absorbent, nitrous oxide so on. There are two production methods of ammonium nitrate: neutralization conversion. In the conversion process, calcium nitrate tetrahydrate, a byproduct of the production process of nitrophosphate fertilizer, is used as raw material to react with ammonium carbonate solution to generate ammonium nitrate calcium carbonate precipitation. After filtration, the filtrate is processed into ammonium nitrate product or returned to the production system of nitrophosphate fertilizer.

Shangpu consulting industry analysts pointed out that the distribution of ammonium nitrate production enterprises is very uneven, especially in North China southwest China. There are 5 ammonium nitrate manufacturers in Shanxi Province, including Shanxi Tianji, Taihua, Shanxi Yangmei Fengxi, Xiyang Tianyuan, Pingshuo Ping'an, etc. At present, there are 35 ammonium nitrate production enterprises in China, the top ones are Liuhua in Guangxi, Jiehua in Yunnan, Xinghua in Shaanxi, Jinshi in Shijiazhuang, Jinxiang in Sichuan, Jinkai in Henan, Wulashan in Inner Mongolia, Taihua in Shanxi, Zhengyuan in Hebei Tianji in Shanxi. The output of the top 10 enterprises accounts for 56.4% of the total output.

are the same as iron steel, chemical fertilizer civil explosive industries, the ammonium nitrate industry also has the prominent problem of overcapacity. From 2000 to 2005, the dem of civil explosive industry was strong the growth rate of production capacity was accelerated. Ammonium nitrate enterprises were also stepping up capacity expansion transformation, some even spared no effort to build new ammonium nitrate projects. In 2009, the actual output was 3.522 million tons. In 2010, China's production of ammonium nitrate was 4.19 million tons, an increase of 18.90% over the previous year. In 2011, the output increased to 4.82 million tons, an increase of 15.04%, with a slight decrease in the growth rate. In 2012, China's production of ammonium nitrate was 5.65 million tons, with a growth rate of 17.22%.

China's ammonium nitrate overcapacity

in the export, 2010-2012, China's ammonium nitrate export growth rate was higher, 52.75%, in 2012, the export growth rate decreased to 18.20%, but the export volume still showed a rapid upward trend. In 2012, the top five export countries of China's ammonium nitrate products were Indonesia, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia Myanmar. The export volume of ammonium nitrate in each country accounted for 27.29%, 24.54%, 18.75%, 8.89% 5.04%, respectively. The export volume of ammonium nitrate in the top five countries accounted for more than 70%.

The "2014-2018 in-depth research prospect forecast report of China's ammonium nitrate industry" released by

Suntech pointed out that: in China, the consumption market of ammonium nitrate is mainly composed of three parts: first, the industrial field, which is mainly used as raw material of civil explosive equipment, making explosives, a small amount of it is used as nitrogen oxide absorbent, chromatography reagent, fireworks, insecticide, refrigerant, alkali free glass, etc Raw materials. The second is modified or processed into compound fertilizer for agricultural fertilizer, the third is export. Among them, explosives nitro compound fertilizers account for the vast majority. Ammonium nitrate consumed in the field of civil explosive materials accounts for about 64% of the total consumption, agricultural chemical fertilizer accounts for about 30.5% export accounts for 5.5%.

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