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Global high performance fiber development ushers in golden age

wallpapers News 2020-07-20
With the global economic growth generally slowing down, how can China, as the global chemical fiber manufacturing base, transform, upgrade develop sustainably? Recently, the domestic chemical fiber industry has conducted an investigation Discussion on this issue, forming a consensus of "driving the sustainable development of chemical fiber industry by scientific technological innovation industrial chain cooperation".

according to the reporter's understing, high performance fiber is the development trend of global chemical fiber industry. In the past 10 years, the global chemical fiber output has increased at an average annual rate of 3%, while the high-performance fiber is increasing by nearly 30%. The next 5-10 years will be the golden period for the development of high-performance fiber. At present, in the division of labor in the international chemical fiber industry, China mainly undertakes the manufacturing of chemical fiber chemical fiber textiles with a large quantity a wide range, while the proportion of high-end products specialized products is low. In order to enter the high-end, technological innovation is particularly important. Duan Xiaoping, President of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association of

, believes that with the global economic growth the increase of per capita fiber consumption, the global chemical fiber production will continue to grow further. But for China, due to the large base, the growth rate of chemical fiber will decline greatly with the adjustment of global industrial division. Technological progress will greatly promote the development of bio based fiber high performance fiber. Moreover, the growth of bio based fiber high performance fiber may cause new environmental protection problems, which should be solved through scientific technological innovation. Yu Jianyong, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, pointed out that the development of science technology in the textile industry must keep pace with the development of new science technology in the world. The development trend of textile materials mainly includes: developing bio based fiber, making full use of renewable resources such as cellulose, starch protein to develop bio based primary fiber, bio based regenerated fiber bio based synthetic fiber; fiber performance tends to be high performance; carbon fiber, aramid fiber inorganic fiber further develop in the direction of high strength, high modulus high temperature resistance; Fiber varieties tend to be highly differentiated multi-functional, emphasizing the integration of multiple technologies.

integrate a variety of resources to realize the cooperation of the whole industry chain, which is also an important topic of chemical fiber industry. In recent years, the industry has made a beneficial attempt in this respect. For example, the forum, exhibition other activities pay more more attention to the joint participation of upstream downstream enterprises. In the industry, China's chemical fiber recycling circular economy industry technology innovation strategic alliance, bio based protein fiber technology innovation strategic alliance, bio based polyamide fiber technology innovation strategic alliance have been established. Zhao Xiangdong, vice president of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, said that at present, the upstream downstream of the industrial chain have formed a consensus on collaborative innovation, the conditions for cooperation in technology, market team are also available. The practice of

has proved that carrying out the whole industry chain cooperation is not only conducive to the more efficient connection of supply dem of various links from chemical fiber raw materials to end consumer goods, but also conducive to better transmission of changes in the terminal market to each link of the industrial chain, also conducive to the collection of group forces to solve common problems in the industry. "More guaranteed supply of raw materials, closer to the market, faster occupation of market segments, faster industrialization of products" is the goal of the whole industrial chain cooperation.

have a good foundation for the development of China's chemical fiber industry. The research report provided by China Chemical Fiber Industry Association shows that: China's entire chemical fiber industry has formed a complete industrial chain supporting system; the chemical fiber industry has the leading equipment technology in the field of conventional production; the products include conventional chemical fiber, high-performance chemical fiber bio based chemical fiber, China has become the country with the widest product coverage application range. Andreas Engelhardt, general manager of

fiber Yearbook consulting company: in the past 25 years, the global chemical fiber industry market has doubled exceeded 90 million tons for the first time in 2013. Although the total fiber consumption will continue to grow in the future, the forecast data of regional disposable income population growth indicates that the growth rate of global fiber dem will slow down due to the decline of the proportion of developed countries in the total fiber consumption. At present, the level of fiber consumption in developed countries is higher than the world average. However, the free release of market forces market driven investment will eliminate outdated inefficient production facilities, the shuffled market will usher in a win-win situation.

new biomass fiber materials can get rid of excessive dependence on oil.

Dr. Wang Xueli of Donghua University: it was 80 years after DuPont invented nylon that the bio based polyamide was industrialized. Polyamide is the second largest variety of synthetic fiber, which has excellent processing use performance, is widely used in high-grade clothing, home textile industrial applications. The development of new biomass fiber materials can gradually get rid of the excessive dependence on oil realize sustainable development.

compare the various properties of several polyamides, Talon has good performance. Talon is a new material made by polymerization of bio based glutamine petroleum based adipic acid. The content of bio group is 45%, its scientific name is polyamide 56. Talon polymer has high melting point, heat resistance good spinning performance. Terylene fiber has good mechanical properties, elastic recovery properties, hydrophilic properties, as well as good low-temperature dyeing properties.

bio based protein composite fiber has broad market prospect Zhang Jing, deputy general manager of

Yibin Huimei fiber new material Co., Ltd.: the bio based protein composite fiber is superior to synthetic fiber such as polyester in terms of comfort, skin care drapability, but also has advantages over synthetic fiber in terms of renewable raw materials degradability after waste use. With the expansion of the supply dem gap of petrochemical resources the increasing requirements of clothing comfort performance, the advantages of bio based protein composite fiber will continue to show.

have a very good market prospect in the fields of fabric, underwear sanitary products. Through market research, Yibin Huimei has preliminarily determined that the next stage of bio based protein composite fiber will focus on plant protein, including corn protein fiber, rice protein fiber, rapeseed protein fiber, etc.


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