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Great market potential of acetone industry development suggestions for acetone industry in 2015

wallpapers News 2020-07-13

, China's market potential for acetone is big,

. Currently, Chinese mainl has become one of the largest countries in the world where acetone dem is the largest. Over the years, the dem for acetone in domestic market has been very strong, the trend has been increasing steadily year by year, with an average annual increase of about 20%. In 1996, the apparent consumption of acetone in China was 160000 tons, reaching 300000 tons in 2001, increasing to 830000 tons in 2007. In 2012, the consumption of acetone in the national market reached 1339300 tons. Although there was a slight decrease in 2013, it was still as high as 1.2 million tons, nearly 8 times higher than that in 1996.

predict that the market dem for acetone products will increase further in Chinese mainl in the next few years. By 2015, the Chinese mainl's consumption of acetone will reach 1 million 200 thous tons / year. According to the dem forecast of China's downstream industries, China's acetone market dem will maintain a net growth of about 10% from 2014 to 2018.

2. Suggestions for the development of acetone industry

you may be interested in: analysis report on market dem forecast investment strategic planning of China's basic chemical raw materials industry from 2015 to 2020 Strategic planning analysis report 2014-2018 China's potassium sulfate industry market outlook investment strategic planning analysis report 2014-2018 China's acrylic acid industry market outlook investment strategic planning analysis report more research reports > > in recent years, the largest growth in phenol acetone market dem comes from the field of bisphenol A its derivatives. In order to meet the dem of phenol in this field, there will be a surplus of acetone in the new cumene unit. Therefore, it is suggested to adopt cumene process for the planning of new acetone production capacity in China, so as to avoid aggravating market surplus due to pure production of acetone.

2. Construction site: it is suggested to consider the supply of raw materials the market dem nearby. The construction site of

should fully consider the supply of raw materials the dem of the nearby market. It is better to adopt the upstream downstream supporting mode to reduce the production cost, improve the competitiveness of products avoid market risks.


3. Downstream products: it is suggested to focus on the development of

for bisphenol A MIBK In the future, the downstream product development of

will mainly focus on bisphenol A MIBK. Therefore, it is suggested that in addition to supporting the construction of bisphenol A units, domestic enterprises should also consider the construction of MIBK units, so as to integrate the production of acetone its downstream products, strive to reduce the adverse impact of the development of bisphenol a industry on the acetone market. In addition, new application fields of acetone should be actively exped to ensure the healthy orderly development of acetone industry in China.

4. Adopt the integrated production mode build downstream product production units as soon as possible.

in China, almost all of the phenol ketone production in China is a single production mode. The products are mainly used for retail, which causes market instability is vulnerable to external impact. However, many foreign phenol ketone manufacturers, especially in the United States Western Europe, adopt the integrated production mode of phenol ketone its downstream products, or fix their products to provide raw materials for downstream product manufacturers, which greatly improves their ability to resist market risks. While building large-scale phenol ketone production units in China, the matching problems with upstream downstream production units should be considered, so as to find a better way out for phenol ketone, such as building a complete set of bisphenol a plant, then producing polycarbonate epoxy resin, which are very popular in China, so as to avoid market risks form the production integration of phenol ketone its downstream products, which are mutually beneficial, mutually beneficial mutual assistance Participate in international competition.

5. Using new technology to exp the production capacity of a single unit.

the global production capacity of phenol ketone has been generally surplus, so the market competition of phenol ketone will be more intense in the future. Therefore, we should actively adopt new technology to transform the existing plant, improve the production capacity of a single unit, realize large-scale operation, so as to reduce production costs, improve product quality, meet the requirements of downstream products such as bisphenol A for phenol quality, enhance the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises in the phenol ketone market. The production scale of new or exped phenol ketone should be at least 100000 t / A.

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