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How to deal with difficulties in coal chemical industry development?

wallpapers News 2020-11-17

After more than a decade of rapid development of coal chemical industry ushered in policy tightening.

Recently, the National Energy Administration issued a notice to curb the overheating development of coal chemical industry excessive water consumption, kicked all coal chemical projects in the western region out of the list of encouraged industries in the western region.

The release of this news seems to have brought a big blow to the coal chemical industry, which has just seen policy loosening.

It is reported that at present, a number of central enterprises have "heard the wind" have withdrawn from the coal chemical industry.

It is worth mentioning that since the regulatory authorities issued the notice on stardizing the orderly development of coal chemical industry in 2011, the entry audit threshold of domestic coal chemical industry has been relatively improved, the project approval in some places has also been stagnant.

However, the change of stagnation began to loosen in 2013.

According to the reporter's understing, China's coal chemical industry can be divided into traditional coal chemical industry new coal chemical industry.

Traditional coal chemical industry mainly includes coal coking, coal to calcium carbide synthetic ammonia.

China's traditional coal chemical industry developed earlier, has become the world's largest production country in terms of the current market situation.

According to statistics, the production capacity of coke, calcium carbide synthetic ammonia accounts for 60%, 93% 32% of the world respectively.

At present, the traditional coal chemical industry has appeared the situation of overcapacity.

However, the development of the emerging coal chemical industry has been relatively improved in recent years.

Since the emerging coal chemical industry is improving towards the expected aspect, what consideration is the regulatory level tightening the policy gate again? Ma Siming, an industry researcher at China Business Intelligence Network Industry Research Institute, put forward his own views in an interview with the reporter.

He said that at present, both traditional new coal chemical industry has proved that pollution of water resources environment is inevitable.

The environmental pollution of Shenhua Baotou Ordos projects has received many reports from local residents.

The excessive exploitation of water resources by Ordos projects has also caused many reactions from residents.

"Even the real carbon emission of coal chemical industry exceeds that of coal direct combustion.

Therefore, the state should consider that the coal chemical industry needs to consume a lot of precious water resources, which has a greater impact on the western region, which is the lack of water resources.

The main reason for tightening the policy is the comprehensive waste water, waste gas, waste residue pollution other factors.

Ma Siming said.

It is worth mentioning that since the development of coal chemical industry started, it has been criticized for carbon dioxide emission water consumption.

Industry insiders in an interview with reporters said that the meaning of the regulatory layer is very obvious, is to adjust the release of coal chemical investment cooling signal.

According to media reports, there is a high enthusiasm for the development of new projects in some areas, there are also some blind development phenomena regardless of the environment, water resources status, technology economic strength.

Speaking of the problems encountered in the development of coal chemical industry, we have to mention the realistic background of China's choice of coal chemical industry.

Ma Siming told reporters that since 2004, with the sharp rise in international oil prices, China's resource characteristics of rich coal, poor oil little gas determine that coal chemical industry is expected to become an important alternative to petrochemical industry.

Under the background of high oil price at that time, the cost advantages of coal chemical industry such as coal to liquid coal to olefin were particularly obvious.

For the consideration of energy strategic security, the regulatory authorities decided to carry out modern coal chemical demonstration.

On June 30, 2004, the State Council issued the outline of medium long term energy development plan (2004-2020).

This plan has the relevant statement of "to organize implement the gasification technology development of large-scale high-efficiency coal, break through the key common technologies such as carbon monoxide conversion, purification catalytic synthesis", indirectly bringing modern coal chemical industry into China's medium long-term energy development strategy.

"The lack of water resources environmental pollution are obviously the main problems facing the development of coal chemical industry," Ma Siming told reporters.

According to statistics, from 2013 to the beginning of the year, the total investment of coal chemical projects including Sinopec [Weibo] many other energy giants has reached about 500 billion yuan.

A total of 22 coal chemical projects have obtained the permission of the national development Reform Commission to carry out the preliminary work.

The number of coal chemical projects reported to the national development Reform Commission for permission reached 104, the total investment was estimated to be about 2 trillion yuan.

At the beginning of this year, the National Energy Administration held an internal consultation meeting, which announced the preliminary target: 30 million tons of coal to liquid capacity 50 billion cubic meters of coal to gas by 2020.

However, just a few months later, the State Energy Administration issued a notice on July 17, stressing that the approval of coal to gas projects with an annual output of less than 2 billion cubic meters coal to liquid projects with an annual output of less than 1 million tons are not allowed to be approved, the situation of overheating, disorderly construction excessive water use in coal chemical industry should be curbed.

As a result, only 1 / 4 of the projects will be allowed to start.

Due to the lack of water resources, some coal chemical projects in Inner Mongolia Ningxia have been shut down recently, most of which are small medium-sized projects.

It is expected that more such stoppages will occur in the future.

Of course, in addition to the lack of water resources environmental pollution, Ma Siming said, "immature technology huge investment are also problems encountered in the development of coal chemical industry.". Of course, "apart from the uncertain risks of water resources environmental pollution, the profitability of coal chemical industry is considerable.

The profit margin of Shenhua Baotou coal to gas project can reach more than 10%, the annual net profit is more than 1 billion yuan.". Ma Siming told reporters.

It is precisely because of the considerable profits the profit-seeking nature of enterprises that China's coal chemical industry has experienced more than ten years of fanatical development has become the world's largest coal chemical industry country.

This also directly leads to unreasonable industrial layout, overheating disordered development of coal chemical industry.

Wu Ting also pointed out that the main problems in the development of coal chemical industry are as follows: in recent years, the repeated construction of coal chemical projects in the western region blind follow-up investment are relatively serious, resulting in the convergence of coal chemical product structure, serious overcapacity large amount of investment waste.

Since there are various problems in the development of China's coal chemical industry, how to solve the problems should be the top priority.

Ma Siming thinks that to solve the problem, we should let the coal chemical industry develop healthily.

First of all, coal gasification still needs to be regarded as a development strategy to replace oil.

The emphasis on the importance of coal chemical industry development strategy is closely related to the current situation of China's resources.

It is understood that China is a big country in energy production consumption in the world, with coal production consumption accounting for about half of the world.

Proven coal reserves exceed 3However, the proven oil natural gas are relatively poor.

In the case of no alternative, it is necessary to plan the development of coal chemical industry.

Although, the current national coal chemical industry policy is to identify the coal chemical industry as an industry with overcapacity repeated construction.

But in fact, the coal chemical industry is treated differently.

Traditional coal chemical industry, such as coal to coke, coal to calcium carbide, coal to methanol so on, does have excess capacity repeated construction.

However, new coal chemical industry still has development prospects, some of them are still in the demonstration stage without industrialization.

Therefore, the approval of national policies projects for coal chemical industry can be described as tight at times loose at the same time.

Of course, the development of coal chemical industry in a strategic safe way needs to be improved.

In addition, we need to strictly access strictly examine approve projects.

" Ma Siming further said.

In addition, Ma Siming stressed that in order to further develop coal chemical industry, it is necessary to control the total amount, develop steadily, eliminate backward technologies, focus on coal to liquid demonstration project.

Of course, we should also guide the rational distribution of coal chemical industry, develop coal chemical industry in areas where coal resources water resources are rich, strictly control the development of coal chemical industry in water shortage areas.

The application fields of methanol dimethyl ether should also be put on the agenda.

Wu Ting, from another perspective, said that to solve the problems in the development of coal chemical industry, the first thing to do is to find a way out for the downstream deep processing of relevant enterprises, consider the future market potential, develop high value-added products such as fine chemicals.

Of course, enterprises should continue to strengthen technological innovation improve their foresight.

"The state should also strengthen the guidance of industrial development, analyze the situation early warn the risks, instead of simply restricting or encouraging them.

" Wu Ting further explained.

The development trend of coal chemical industry in the future, which is worth looking forward to.

In particular, after the state issued the notice, the investment in coal chemical industry seems to be cooling down, so what is the prospect of coal chemical industry? For the future development, Ma Siming firmly told reporters that China's coal chemical industry development will continue to stride forward.

He further explained that China's coal chemical industry will become an important part of China's energy structure with its leading industrialization progress against the background of sharp fluctuations in international oil prices the growing global dem for alternative chemical raw materials alternative energy.

"In addition, coal chemical industry plays an important role in the sustainable utilization of energy in China, it is also an important development direction in the next 20 years.

China's coal chemical industry has a bright future.

It is expected that the emerging coal chemical industry represented by coal to oil, gas olefins will become the development focus of the future chemical industry Ma Siming said.

Another industry observer said that in the future, the state will maintain a cautious attitude towards the development of modern coal chemical industry.

Through the construction of a number of key demonstration projects, the state will solve a series of key problems, such as large-scale coal chemical industrial plant, optimization of process technology, improvement of conversion efficiency, promotion of energy conservation emission reduction, reduction of environmental impact.

Explore the diversified development path of efficient clean coal conversion petrochemical raw material transformation.

Wu Ting said that although the state has released the signal of cooling down the investment in coal chemical industry through this policy, from the perspective of the general background, rich coal, less oil gas is still China's basic national conditions, coal will still be the main energy source in the next 50 years.

Although the industrial catalogue has been adjusted, the development space Prospect of coal chemical industry are still very large.

Of course, if the coal chemical industry wants to make a better breakthrough development, it needs the government to regulate control the industrial policies, industrial layout, industrial upgrading other aspects, properly guide the overheated investment enthusiasm, return to rationality, break through the existing bottlenecks, so as to have better development.

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