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How to make molybdenum silicide MoSi2?

wallpapers News 2021-12-21
The crystal of molybdenum silicide (MoSi2) has a tetragonal structure. MoSi2 is an intermediate phase with the highest silicon content in the Mo-Si binary alloy system. It is a Dalton intermetallic compound with a fixed composition. It is gray and has metallic luster. molybdenum silicide has good electrical and thermal conductivity. It has excellent mechanical properties and high-temperature oxidation resistance. It can be used as a heating element, and its performance exceeds that of silicon carbide. Its early application was as a high-temperature and corrosion-resistant coating protection material on the surface of a metal substrate. It was first applied to the coating of gas turbine parts, jet engine combustion chambers and missile combustion chambers. Nowadays, the main industrial applications of molybdenum silicide materials are in the production of high-temperature heating elements and thermocouple protection tubes.
Molybdenum silicide can be obtained by direct reaction synthesis of Mo powder and Si powder. Or use Mo oxide reduction reaction to synthesize.
molybdenum silicide parts can be made by cold pressing sintering or hot pressing. When molding is used for molding, batter, starch, glycerin, etc. can be used as binders. When forming by extrusion, add 2%~4% dextrin as a binder. MoSi2 products are fired at 1500~1900℃. If a small amount of SiO2 is added to the molybdenum silicide powder, a protective film will be formed on the surface of the molybdenum silicide product due to the melting of SiO2 at high temperature, which will increase the working temperature of molybdenum silicide to 1710~1780°C. The mechanical properties of cold-pressed sintered products are poor. During hot pressing, the temperature is 1550~1750℃, and the pressure is 9.8~78.5MPa. Using a mixture of molybdenum silicide and alumina for hot pressing, molybdenum silicide products with different properties can be obtained.

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