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Investigation on self built logistics of chlor alkali enterprises in China

wallpapers News 2020-11-10

Affected by the characteristics of chlor alkali products, resources the regional distribution characteristics of downstream consumer markets, China's major chlor alkali products, such as PVC solid caustic soda, have formed two major transportation flows of "goods from the west to the East" "goods from the north to the South".

Shong, Jiangsu the West have become the active areas for chlor alkali industry development due to their rich salt coal resources, while the East South China have become the most important consumption areas of chlor alkali products due to their relatively developed economy, convenient transportation intensive downstream industries.

The circulation of products has promoted the vigorous development of the logistics industry due to the influence of the origin sales of chlor alkali industry.

The chlor alkali enterprises in Northwest North China gathered, but the product digested in the local area was very small, a large number of goods needed to be transported to East South China.

According to the author's investigation, the current situation of self built logistics of chlor alkali enterprises in China is as follows: the self built logistics of chlor alkali enterprises is mainly concentrated in the north, but it is still in the initial stage.

Northwest China is the main chlor alkali production area in China, but the consumption in the downstream is weak.

Therefore, most of the main products of local chlor alkali enterprises are exported, covering the main markets in North China, East China, South China Northeast China.

Long transportation route wide transportation range are the logistics characteristics of chlor alkali enterprises in this area.

The self built logistics in Northwest China is dominated by rail transportation supplemented by automobile transportation.

Due to the distance from ports docks, maritime transportation has no advantage.

At present, Xinjiang China Thail, Xinjiang Tianye, Xinjiang Yihua, Inner Mongolia Yihua, Inner Mongolia Junzheng, Inner Mongolia Yili, Zhongyan Jilantai, Ningxia Yingli all have their own railway transportation lines, chlor alkali products are directly pulled from the factory to the railway station.

According to the senior market person of chlor alkali industry in Northwest China, 50% of chlor alkali products in Northwest China are transported by rail to East China South China.

30% - 40% of chlor alkali products are transported by truck to northwest North China.

Most of the self built logistics in North China are automobile transportation ocean transportation.

Tangshan Sanyou, Luxi Chemical, Shong Chiping Xinfa Qilu Petrochemical have their own logistics fleet.

Shong Haihua, Shong Haili Shong Huatai have their own special shipping lines.

Shong Haili cooperates with Korean enterprises has a fixed international shipping line.

Shong, as a major chlor alkali Province in China, has a large number of chlor alkali production enterprises, is also the main consumer of chlor alkali products.

Most of the products are digested in the province, the city the surrounding Hebei, Shanxi Beijing.

A small amount of products are sold to South China even overseas.

Rail transport, however, will only take advantage of the railway transport as an auxiliary problem.

When it is sold to South China or exported to foreign trade, it is usually transported by ship.

Most of the customers from the southeast coast come to pick up the goods.

However, the northeast southwest regions are basically digested in the local areas, the amount of export goods is small.

Some products in Northeast China are exported by truck rail to areas north of the Yellow River, such as Tianjin Hebei, some of them are transported to South China by sea.

The Southwest has a special geographical location with many mountain roads, the price of local chlor alkali products is on the high side.

The source of goods is basically digested locally, the export volume is small.

A large part of chlor alkali raw materials products are transported by automobile.

In these two regions, only fangdajinhua Yibin Tianyuan have their own fleet.

There is no self built logistics for chlor alkali enterprises in Central China.

Most of the products of Henan, Hunan Hubei chlor alkali enterprises are digested locally, some products are transported to East China Guangdong, the sales radius is controlled within 500 km.

Chlor alkali enterprises in East South China have no self built logistics.

Because the logistics transportation radius of chlor alkali enterprises in these two regions is relatively short, most of them are digested locally, so they are basically transported by truck.

In terms of raw material procurement, most domestic ethylene production enterprises are concentrated in East China, so they can be transported to the plant area through pipelines from the port terminal.

However, due to the limitation of transportation radius, the transportation of hazardous chemicals such as caustic soda liquid chlorine is mostly digested in the surrounding areas.

According to the operation of chlor alkali enterprises that have built their own logistics, the routes are mainly intra provincial transportation, there is not much transportation outside the province.

The mode of transportation is concentrated on steam rail transportation, the scale of sea transportation is small.

Both fleet resources operation management are not mature.

Although many chlor alkali enterprises have set up their own logistics special lines, the carrying capacity flexibility are far from enough, the "short board" such as single transportation route high transportation risk are difficult to avoid.

For example, the majority of self built logistics are mainly short distance automobile transportation in the province.

Considering the large number of transportation lines high cost in the whole country, the self built fleet can not meet the multi-level dem.

while the northwest railway transportation line, from September to October every year, due to the peak transportation of agricultural sideline products in Xinjiang, the railway transportation of chlor alkali products is limited.

At this time, the railway transportation special line has become a "decoration" due to the shortage of vehicles, which needs the combined transportation of steam sea to disperse the risk.

At present, there are more than 200 chlor alkali enterprises in China.

In 2013, the output of PVC caustic soda was 15.

3 million tons 28.

5 million tons respectively.

According to the author's incomplete statistics, the circulation of products in the main production areas of northwest North China accounts for 70%.

According to the profit margin of 20 yuan per ton, the logistics of chlor alkali enterprises will produce a market of about 500 million yuan.

Starting from the chlor alkali enterprises themselves taking chlor alkali products as an example, the freight for a ton of PVC or caustic soda transported from Northwest China Railway to South China is about 400-500 yuan.

According to the calculation of South China pvc6000 yuan / ton 99% flake caustic soda 2300 yuan / ton in September, the freight cost accounts for at least 10% of the cost, the highest can even reach more than 20%.

Although chlor alkali enterprises have high logistics costs, according to the industry's upstream people, in addition to some state-owned enterprises large private enterprises with strong capital strength, other companies have a high proportion of logistics outsourcing, so there is a large space for chlor alkali enterprises to develop their own logistics in the future.

(author: Liu ruimao).

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