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Is it uncomfortable to wear a lace wig with human hair in summer?

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To be honest, this needs to be felt personally, because everyone feels different. But what can be said is that the breathability of human hair lace wigs is still very good. Why do some people say they wear airtight wigs? That's because they bought machine-made wigs. The human hair wig provided by Loveuwig can completely avoid the bad experience of not being cool in summer. Please feel free to contact if necessary.
What should you pay attention to when buying a wig?
1. Hair Quality
The hair quality of human hair wigs is graded, from bad to good, in order of foaming, shaved, smooth foam, smooth shaved, and smooth braided hair. Of course, there is also the most spicy chicken hair color, which is the hair dyed with white hair and yellow hair + special treatment. Many businesses label their real hair as "real hair". Don't feel that this wig is very high-end as soon as you see real hair. You must ask clearly what kind of hair it is.If you want to buy human hair lace wigs,pls feel free to contact us.
2. Craft
Wig technology is divided into hand knitting and machine weaving. Hand knitting is further divided into ordinary hand knitting without artificial scalp and needle passing craft with artificial scalp. The needle passing process is divided into top needle passing, partial needle passing, and front half needle passing. Before and after passing the needle, and passing the needle across the head, most people may be dizzy when seeing these, but I still recommend that everyone must be clearly distinguished, because the process is different, the price can be much different.
3. Length
Many friends complain about why we use inches instead of centimeters as the unit of length for wigs, because inch is the most official and orthodox unit of length for wigs. Instead, everyone must pay attention to those that are only marked in centimeters, and they may be pitted if they are not careful.
This is because wigs are divided into singular inches and even-numbered inches. The odd-numbered inches have straight ends, and the even-numbered inches are spliced together with two layers of short hair. For example, a 17-inch wig has a length of 45 cm, while a 14-inch wig has a length of 50 cm. The 17-inch hair is 45 cm from top to bottom, while the 14-inch hair is 50 cm spliced by two layers of 35 cm hair. This is also a very easy place to be pitted. Be sure to ask about the size of the inch, or whether it is the end of the hair.

The price of human hair lace wigs
Loveuwig is shopping the most natural, beautiful, and fashionable curly hair wigs now. All Loveuwig curly wigs are made of 100% human hair. You're welcome to try other types of them! If you are looking for perfect curly human hair wigs, feel free to vision loveuwig.com.

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