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Real estate industry "cold" plasticizing market hard luck?

wallpapers News 2020-11-15

With the disclosure of the interim report entering the countdown stage, the financial profile of listed real estate enterprises has been basically clear.

In view of the overall adjustment of the real estate industry in 2014, as well as the dilemma of increasing income without increasing profits, the editors of the plastic exchange discussed in detail the current situation of upstream downstream enterprises in the industry discussed the follow-up development trend.

Zhou Yongbin: the performance of 100 billion level leading real estate enterprises in the first half of this year is still growing as a whole, but the net profit of real estate enterprises including many giants has generally declined this year.

In the face of the decline of industrial profitability, some large-scale real estate enterprises plan to transform seek a new way out.

Although the performance of Hong Kong listed neifang shares is beautiful, developers are free to choose the timing of project entry to maintain the sustainability of book income.

Most of the book profits in the first half of this year come from the development projects of the past 12 months or even 24 months ago.

If we look at the cash flow of more than 10% of the total drop, there is obviously moisture in this "report card".

PVC is reflected in the pipeline dem for building materials.

Due to the large stock of real estate, the dem for PVC is obviously suppressed in the later stage.

Liu ruimao: from January to July 2014, the construction area of new houses in China decreased by 12.

8%, reflecting that the current situation of new buildings has been greatly reduced compared with previous years.

This year's real estate is characterized by "price reduction promotion, collapse of funds, relaxation of purchase restrictions, transformation of real estate enterprises", including the recent "Vanke joint Taobao" promotion, the amount of house money spent on Taobao.

Such a news shows that businesses try their best to sell their houses The whole real estate market is not very optimistic this year.

For caustic soda, there is no direct impact, but from the macro-economic point of view, the shortage of funds poor dem affect all walks of life.

Caustic soda, including raw salt from upstream, is also relatively weak.

In downstream areas, such as alumina, papermaking textile, although the year-on-year growth rate this year is 6.

5% for alumina, 14.

9% for textile 13.

8% for papermaking, the growth rate of the three industries at that time reached 20% - 30%, the overall growth rate was still slowing down.

In particular, the recent situation in the paper industry is very bad.

As soon as the machine is started, there are 6000 paper mills 1000 paper mills are in serious deficit.

From the perspective of the whole, the 13th five year plan will be launched immediately, the tone of national transformation upgrading orderly development will remain unchanged, the relevant industries will not make much progress in the second half of the year.

Yan Xiaobing: the sales of real estate are not booming.

First of all, the sales of real estate in the past ten years have changed.

This year's sales are not smooth.

The real estate in the second tier cities has fallen sharply.

For ABS, the sales of related household appliances are not booming.

Since the government completely abolished the subsidy for home appliances last year, home appliances are in a cold winter state.

In the first half of this year, the sales scale of black household appliances plummeted by 15.

7%, the growth of small household appliances, kitchens mobile phones slowed down.

The weak macro environment aggravates the dem pressure of ABS PS.

Chen Yantao: the housing price index of 100 cities in August released by the National Bureau of statistics dropped by 0.

59% year-on-year.

The data shows that this is the fourth consecutive month of decline.

Among them, 74 cities fell 26 cities rose.

In addition, 37 cities out of 46 cities have relaxed their restrictions.

However, from the perspective of market performance, the effect is not obvious.

Another reason is that credit has a certain impact on the property market, there is no substantial loosening in terms of credit.

Because the real estate market is not good this year, it also has a little impact on plasticizer, which is related to real estate The dem for building coatings cables is not booming, which leads to the depression of plasticizer Market.

Li Yan: in the PP industry, plastic knitting is the most important consumer product in China's PP industry.

Affected by the slowdown of real estate growth, the growth rate of building materials, household appliances other industries has declined to a certain extent.

The packaging materials of cement, coating other building materials are woven bags.

This year, plastic weaving enterprises generally reflect that their business situation is worse than that of last year.

The growth of packaging materials such as household appliances, plastic film foam plastics has begun to slow down, indicating that the industry is low.

PP pipes are not affected by real estate, the main reason is that the proportion of PP pipes in plastic pipes is relatively low, in addition to the high cost of raw materials, the overall impact is limited.

(personal opinion, for reference only).

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