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Small: hydrophilic super long organic nano phosphors

wallpapers News 2020-12-12
As long-life phosphorescence can eliminate the influence of transient background fluorescence significantly improve signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) phosphorescent materials have a very good application prospect in the field of biological imaging. So far most phosphorescent materials are limited to inorganic metal complexes which often have harsh preparation conditions biological toxicity water environmental instability. Metal free organophosphorescent materials have become a research hotspot due to their easy modification good biocompatibility wide availability. However it is difficult to develop metal free organic phosphors due to the strong non radiative transition caused by molecular motion the quenching caused by environmental chemicals (such as oxygen water). Nowadays crystallization is considered to be an effective method to inhibit non radiative transition which can provide rigid confinement for phosphorescent molecules. Therefore most of the ultra long organic phosphorescence (UOP) materials are massive crystals but this also leads to their poor dispersion in the physiological environment which greatly limits the development of UOP materials in biological applications. In order to apply UOP materials to nanomedicine we need to reduce its size to nanometer level.

hollow mesoporous silica nanoparticles (hmsnp) are considered to be ideal nanocarriers or nanoreactors because their internal cavities can provide quite high effective loads for various guest molecules. In addition due to the presence of Si oh on the surface of silica shell hmsnp based nanocarriers can be well dispersed in aqueous environment. At the same time hmsnp has good biocompatibility stability. Therefore hmsnp can be used as a nano container of hydrophobic UOP materials which is expected to improve its dispersion in physiological environment be used in phosphorescence bioimaging.

recently Ma Xing research group of Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) academician Huang Wei of Nanjing University of technology an Zhongfu team used hmsnp as nano container loaded UOP material into the hollow cavity of hmsnp by using the principle of recrystallization so as to prepare hydrophilic ultra long organic nano phosphors. In this work the hydrophobic UOP material can enter the cavity of hmsnp through the corresponding saturated solution precipitate in situ to form nanocrystals after solvent volatilization. Because the size of the nanocrystals is larger than the mesoporous pore size insoluble in water the nanocrystals are confined in hmsnp in water environment. However the hmsnp (particle size is about 408 nm) shell allows the hydrophobic guest UOP materials to achieve nano scale dispersion in water environment avoid self aggregation. The preparation method of nano hydrophilic phosphor has universality. By loading five different structures of UOP materials (bcz czdclt dczeo mczt cphcz) into hmsnp the obtained five nanoscale hydrophilic phosphors still have strong phosphorescent emission in aqueous solution similar phosphorescent lifetime to corresponding bulk crystals. In addition the nano hydrophilic phosphor has good biocompatibility can be used for subcutaneous phosphorescence imaging on the back of nude mice with a signal-to-noise ratio of 31. It is worth noting that different from the previous phosphorescence detection the device receiving the subcutaneous phosphorescence signal is a portable smart phone which provides the possibility to develop a fast convenient phosphorescence detection for real-time detection or diagnosis.

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