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The General Administration of work safety strongly investigates the "troubles" of caustic soda enterprises transporting hazardous chemicals

wallpapers News 2020-07-13

In view of the "3 · 1" of Yanhou tunnel in Jincheng section of Jincheng section of Jinji Expressway "7 · 19" of Shaoyang section of Shanghai Kunming Expressway in 2014, the office of the safety committee of the State Council issued the notice on the special action plan for centralized rectification of illegal behaviors in road transportation of dangerous chemicals, hereinafter referred to as the "plan".

From September to the end of December 2014, it was decided to carry out a nationwide special action to rectify illegal acts of road hazardous chemicals transportation.

As soon as the news came out, it immediately triggered an "earthquake" in the caustic soda market.

Especially in the face of the continuous downturn of caustic soda market since this year, caustic soda enterprises traders such as Shenghua in Hebei, Chengyuan in Tianjin, Xiangyu in Guangzhou other caustic soda enterprises traders are worried about problems in the transportation of their products, lament everywhere.

According to the author's understing, the national safety supervision inspection team has been stationed at the gate of Jiantao company in Hengyang, Hunan Province in recent months to inspect the incoming outgoing goods.

In late September, the Shong hazardous chemical inspection group went to Jining, Jinwei coal power other chemical enterprises to carry out inspection.

At the same time, Jiangsu Shong two regions with frequent transportation of dangerous chemicals continuously issued embargo notices.

At the end of July, Jiangsu issued the "notice on the limited passage of dangerous goods transport vehicles at night", stipulating that all kinds of motor vehicles carrying explosives, inflammable explosive chemicals as well as highly toxic, radioactive other dangerous goods from 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. are prohibited from passing through the expressways ordinary highways in the province Urban roads.

In September, dangerous goods transport vehicles were banned from Shong Expressway during the national day of the Mid Autumn Festival.

After two major explosion events, the market has paid more attention to the transportation of hazardous chemicals.

Returning to the chlor alkali industry, there are about 20 kinds of chlor alkali products belonging to the category of dangerous chemicals.

We are most familiar with chlorine, sodium hydroxide, calcium carbide methanol.

Affected by the regional distribution factors of chlor alkali industry in China, the northwest alkali is mainly transported to East China South China for consumption.

the alkali in Northeast southwest China is mostly digested locally, the sales volume of automobile transportation is very small.

the concentrated circulation areas of chlorine alkali are concentrated in North China East China, especially the transportation of liquid caustic soda liquid chlorine in Shong Jiangsu provinces.

Recently, the transportation of liquid caustic soda liquid chlorine in many places has been neglected due to the severe investigation on the transportation of hazardous chemicals.

The market price of liquid chlorine has increased by 50-100 yuan, or 10%, but the market price of caustic soda has remained stable.

Although the price of caustic soda is mainly stable, caustic soda enterprises are full of "troubles".

On the one h, in the face of a 20% drop in the price of liquid caustic soda 25% decline in the price of flake caustic soda this year, the profit situation of the enterprise is not optimistic.

on the other h, the "tight hoop curse" pressure from the strict inspection of hazardous chemical transportation has also made some caustic soda enterprises worried slightly reduced their operating load.

The state has adopted the safety license of suspension vehicles the measures of stopping production closing down enterprises to investigate deal with dangerous chemicals, which has a certain deterrent effect on the long-term transportation of liquid chlorine, liquid caustic soda tank cars bottle cars in Shong Jiangsu.

However, Anhui HuaSu Xinjiang Tianye have their own caustic soda storage terminals dangerous chemical containers respectively, which will not be affected much.

From the safety point of view, it is necessary for the General Administration of work safety to carry out the "strict inspection" action for some enterprises that have been illegally overloaded for a long time.

(author: Liu ruimao).

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