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Transformation and upgrading of coal chemical industry in Xinjiang

wallpapers News 2020-12-09
Compared with the previous draft, the national development Reform Commission has "kicked out" coal chemical projects in the "catalogue of encouraged industries in western regions" released by

. In the draft, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Shanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Guizhou Yunnan were included in the coal to olefin coal to methanol projects, but they were all canceled in the published final draft.

in addition, the catalogue does not encourage the expansion of coal production capacity. In the draft, the coal mining projects with an annual production capacity of 300000 tons or more in Hetian, Kashgar, Kezhou, Bozhou, Altay areas Qiemo, Ruoqiang Hejing areas of Bazhou were originally listed as the encouraged category, but they were also canceled in the final draft. Wang Ning, a researcher at the Economic Research Institute of the Xinjiang Academy of Social Sciences, said that not being included in the catalog does not mean that Xinjiang does not develop coal chemical projects, but rather that coal chemical industry petrochemical industry account for a large proportion in Xinjiang. The catalog aims to adjust the industrial structure of Xinjiang.

are the provinces with the most abundant coal resources reserves in China. Since 2011, Xinjiang has become the fourteenth large-scale coal base in China, invested a lot of money to build five coal coal chemical bases such as Zhundong Yili. By the end of last year, the scale of coal to gas projects in Xinjiang has reached 43.5 billion cubic meters, realizing a new breakthrough in modern coal chemical industry.

Zhang Chunlin, director of the development Reform Commission of the

Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, said that in the development of the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt, in the future, Xinjiang will accelerate the construction of "national large oil gas production processing reserve base, large coal, coal, electricity coal chemical industry base, large wind power base national energy resources l channel", so as to form energy intensive industries with obvious advantages Transfer import resource processing zones.


at present, in the field of coal chemical industry, Xinjiang has carried out coal to gas, coal to oil other projects. However, it can not be ignored that most of the coal mining utilization technologies in the western region are relatively extensive, it is difficult to adjust the economic structure develop high-tech industries without advanced production factors.

Wang Ning said that Xinjiang, as a big "coal" province, wants to develop faster in the field of coal chemical industry, it must innovate the production process of the industrial chain adhere to the innovation driven transformation upgrading. An interviewed chemical expert of

who did not want to be named said that enterprises in Western China should pay attention to the major cutting-edge technology trends of coal chemical industry make reserves for transformation upgrading. Most of the end products of coal to olefin projects in the western region are polyethylene polypropylene, with a single product structure, which is actually very risky. The development of modern coal chemical industry should not follow the trend. When supporting ethylene propylene products, more consideration should be given to the future market potential, high value-added frontier products such as fine chemicals should be developed. The expert of

also suggested that coal to methanol enterprises should find a way out for further processing. The following derivatives, such as polymethoxydimethyl ether (dmm3-8) Dimethoxymethane, have a market space of at least 20-30 million tons; toluene xylene are dependent on imports. In addition, China's methanol to aromatics technology has broken through, methanol production capacity can also be digested.

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