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View: nano platform for cancer diagnosis and treatment based on metal organic frameworks (MOFs)

wallpapers News 2020-10-21
The rapid development of

imaging technology provides a visual diagnostic tool for researchers medical staff to comprehensively accurately underst the pathogenesis pathological process of complex diseases (especially cancer). Cancer diagnosis treatment platform integrated with a variety of imaging technologies treatment strategies has been widely studied used to improve the effect of cancer diagnosis treatment. In recent years organic-inorganic hybrid materials (MOFs) have been widely used in cancer diagnosis treatment. It consists of metal ions / ion clusters as nodes organic ligs as pillars which are bridged by coordination bonds. MOFs have become potential smart carrier materials for cancer diagnosis treatment due to their outsting properties such as easy synthesis diverse composition high porosity large specific surface area adjustable size easy surface modification good biocompatibility. Professor Yang Yingwei of School of chemistry of Jilin University was invited to write a review paper which summarized the latest research progress of metal organic framework MOFs as an intelligent diagnosis treatment platform in the field of cancer diagnosis treatment guided by single-mode imaging multi-mode imaging.

Compared with traditional materials for cancer diagnosis treatment

MOFs have the following advantages: 1) the composition of various adjustable metal ions organic ligs provides a solid foundation for the preparation of MOFs with various properties; 2) the high specific surface area large porosity make them have the efficient loading capacity of goods of various sizes from small organic molecules to biological macromolecules; 3) organic coordination polymers The flexible types of substituents the strong coordination ability of metal ion nodes provide a strong guarantee for the diversification of surface modification; 4) relatively stable but weak coordination bonds ensure the on-dem degradation of MOFs in the process of diagnosis treatment.

Professor Yang Yingwei research group of Jilin University School of chemistry systematically reviewed the latest research progress of MOFs as an intelligent nano platform for diagnosis treatment of cancer under the guidance of single-mode imaging multimodal imaging focusing on optical imaging (OI) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) computed tomography (CT) positron emission tomography (PET) The application of pet PA imaging technology. The author further discussed the development prospects challenges of MOFs in cancer diagnosis treatment. The first author of this paper is Yang Jie a doctoral student in school of chemistry Jilin University.

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