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What opportunities and challenges does anti-dumping bring to acetone industry?

wallpapers News 2020-08-24

Antidumping brings opportunities challenges to acetone industry. In June 2014, the Ministry of Commerce announced that it had decided to continue to implement anti-dumping measures on imported acetone from Japan, Singapore, South Korea Taiwan for a period of five years from June 8, 2014. Analysts believe that the announcement is only a continuation of the implementation of anti-dumping duties, overall, little impact, China's mainl 2014 acetone import dependency or from 40% last year to 35%. According to the data, since June 8, 2008, the Ministry of Commerce announced that it would impose anti-dumping duties on acetone imported from Japan, Singapore, South Korea Taiwan. This announcement maintains the original anti-dumping duty, the applicable anti-dumping duty rate for Japanese companies is 7.2-51.6%; for Singapore companies, it is 6.7-51.6%; for Taiwan companies, it is 6.2-51.6%; for South Korea Jinhu P & B Chemical Co., Ltd., it is 4.3%.

anti-dumping opportunities challenges. According to experts, the victory of the anti-dumping lawsuit has brought the price of domestic acetone up brought opportunities to domestic enterprises. But at the same time, it also brings challenges, which may make the downstream enterprises of acetone face the dilemma of insufficient operation due to the rise of raw material prices, so as to restrain the consumption of acetone. Opportunities challenges brought by the mature stage of acetone in foreign countries: in recent years, the acetone markets in Taiwan Province, Korea Japan have entered the mature stage. Due to the stagnation or decline of domestic dem, the acetone market is more more dependent on the export market. Therefore, exping exports to the mainl of China has become an inevitable choice for these producers.

for this reason, on the one h, these enterprises have invested a lot of money to speed up the expansion of local devices, make the devices bigger stronger, greatly enhance the competitiveness of their products; On the other h, it is the most effective way to reduce the transportation cost, exp the market share realize the localization expansion strategy of foreign-funded enterprises by adopting the mode of sole proprietorship or joint venture to build the production facilities directly in the hinterl of market dem in mainl China. According to experts, inoes, odissa other companies are actively investing in the construction of world-scale factories in mainl China based on this strategic consideration. In contrast, the scale of acetone production enterprises in mainl China is too small, the speed of capacity expansion lags far behind the dem growth rate of rapid development. The long-term direct entry of foreign-funded enterprises should cause enough attention of mainl enterprises. In implementing capacity expansion, improving their competitiveness is the key.

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