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The Basic Design of Tapered Roller Bearings

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The Basic Design of Tapered Roller Bearings


Tapered roller bearings with some important and unique performance and advantages because of its geometric shape and design features , and ,so they can meet the requirements and be widely used .Tapered roller bearing is made up with four parts , they are cone, outer ring , taper roller and cage in the normal ruinning cirumstances , the inner and outer runway and roller bear the load , and cage separate the roller and keep stabilization Cone , roller and the cage is combination of he cones , and usually separate with outer rigns in order to facilitate the installation of equipment .


E type spherical roller bearings design



E type spherical roller bearings is one optimal reinforced structure design . In the product design used two rows symmetrical rollers and guide rings between floating through the two columns roller, inner rings without ribs, two hardened red in the steel cage components . Its dynamic load rating is increased by an average of about 30% . Thus , under the same conditions rated life is at least 2.2 to 2.8 times as the same model of traditional structures bearing life .WSBC hot sale E type roller bearings code , such as 22322 E ,21319 E,21318 EK,22217 EK,22316 E,22313 E,22312 EK,22211 E,22308 EK.

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