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How about the tungsten alloy made of tungsten powder

What is tungsten powder?
Tungsten powder is reduced with hydrogen in a four-tube muffle furnace or a multi-tube heater using tungsten oxide as the raw material. The particle dimension ranges from 0.6-30 microns. It is primarily divided right into crude, tool as well as fine fragments, silver grey powder. The pollutant material is based upon the national standard. It is prepared by hydrogen reduction of tungsten trioxide or ammonium para tungstate. The process of preparing tungsten powder by hydrogen decrease is generally separated right into 2 stages: the first stage is the decrease of tungsten trioxide to tungsten dioxide at 500 ~ 700oC; In the second phase, tungsten dioxide is decreased to tungsten powder at 700 ~ 900oC. The reduction reaction is usually performed in a tubular electrical furnace or a rotating heater. The performance of the reduced tungsten powder (such as pureness, particle dimension, particle size structure, and so on) mainly depends upon the decrease procedure. When tungsten powder is reduced in a tubular heating system, the major process criteria that influence the reduction rate are the decrease temperature level, the amount of tungsten oxide in the burning boat, the burning boat relocating speed, the circulation rate of hydrogen and also the dampness web content in hydrogen. With the boost of the decrease temperature, the bit dimension of tungsten powder ends up being rugged.

Features and criteria of tungsten powder
Along with particular needs for the contamination web content of tungsten powder, the oxygen content ought to be managed within a particular array. The bit size of generally used tungsten powder is typically 2 ~ 10 of the average Fisher size μ & mu; m. Tungsten powder remains in the shape of polygonal bits. Additionally, the particular surface, mass density as well as faucet thickness of tungsten powder also differ within a certain array. The properties of tungsten powder straight affect the manufacturing of tungsten products and also the high quality of tungsten powder metallurgy items, especially in pureness and bit size. Tungsten powder is categorized according to purity, bit size, and also various usages The earliest manufacturing of tungsten powder is to divide hydrogen-reduced tungsten powder right into three grades according to chemical pureness; Japan has created the industrial criterion of Tungsten Powder and Tungsten Carbide Powder (JISH2116-1979); Britain, France, the former Soviet Union and also various other nations all have merged national criteria for tungsten powder. In 1982, the Technical Conditions for Hydrogen Decrease of Tungsten Powder (GB3458-82) was formulated for tungsten powder produced in China. This basic defines the homes and also category grades of tungsten powder. It also specifies the inspection approaches, approval regulations, product packaging, transportation and storage space. The maker can test create it according to user needs for tungsten powder for unique purposes as well as army use.

Use tungsten powder
Tungsten powder is the main raw material for processing powder metallurgy products as well as tungsten alloys. Pure tungsten powder can be made into cord, pole, tube, plate and also various other handling materials as well as products of a certain shape. Tungsten powder blended with various other metal powders can be made right into various tungsten alloys, such as tungsten molybdenum alloy, tungsten rhenium alloy, tungsten copper alloy and high-density tungsten alloy. Another crucial application of tungsten powder is to make tungsten carbide powder, which can be made use of to make concrete carbide tools, such as transforming tools, crushing cutters, drills and also moulds.

Price of tungsten powder
Tungsten powder particle size and also purity will influence the product'' s cost, and also the purchase quantity can additionally affect the cost of tungsten powder. A big amount of big amount will be lower. The price of tungsten powder can be located on our firm'' s official internet site.

Tungsten powder provider
Newsmild Innovation Co. Ltd. (Newsmild) Luoyang City, Newsmild, China, is a trusted and high-quality worldwide chemical material supplier and producer. It has more than 12 years of experience providing ultra-high high quality chemicals and also nanotechnology materials, consisting of tungsten powder, nitride powder, graphite powder, sulfide powder, and also 3D printing powder. If you are looking for top quality as well as economical tungsten powder, you are welcome to call us or ask whenever.

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