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Marine freight forwarder import documents introduction


Marine freight forwarder import documents introduction

General documents of freight forwarder import goods are divided into two kinds: commercial documents and shipping documents.


(1) Business documents

Business documents refer to the documents required by the buyer and seller to handle the delivery of goods and payment settlement, mainly including contract, invoice, bill of lading, packing list, weight list, quality guarantee certificate and insurance policy.

The contract is the main basis for port freight forwarders to handle import declaration, delivery, transportation and claim for import goods. The contract should be taken as the basis for shipment. An invoice is a document issued by the seller to the buyer to settle the number of goods and is the basis for the port freight agent to make a detailed list of imported goods, handle customs declarations, and calculate the price of goods when claiming compensation from the ship or insurer. A proforma Invoice should be issued for free goods. A bill of lading is a document issued by the ship certifying receipt or loading of the listed goods on board. It is not only the proof of property rights but also the proof of transportation contract.

A packing list is a detailed list of container goods, which specifies the name of the goods, the form of packing and the number of pieces. The weight sheet shows in detail the weight and total weight of each consignment and provides a numerical basis for unloading at the domestic port.


(2) Shipping documents

A shipping document refers to a set of documents required by the carrier for loading and unloading imported goods at the loading and unloading port, including manifest, bill of lading, stowage plan and charter party. The manifest is compiled by the shipping company or the shipping company's agent at the loading port according to the contents of the bill of lading. It is the main basis for discharging and tallying goods at the port, and its content is roughly similar to the bill of lading. A cargo stowing plan is usually represented by a diagram called a stowing plan. The stowage plan shows in detail the position of each bill of lading on board the ship. It is important to reference material for arranging unloading, distribution and direct pickup of the goods alongside the ship.

A charter party is a genuine carriage agreement, which is a charter freight agreement signed between the shipowner and the charterer. It clearly stipulates the rights and obligations of the parties on chartering the ship and serves as the basis for the parties to assume their responsibilities and exercise their rights. Before the import goods arrive at the port of discharge, the freight forwarder must obtain all the necessary documents. Document sources include banks, foreign consigners, loading port agents, unloading port ship agents, and some are imported ships brought with the ship.

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Marine freight forwarder import documents introduction

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