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What is an industrial chiller?


What is an industrial chiller?

An industrial chiller is a kind of water cooling equipment, that is able to provide constant temperature, constant current, and constant pressure cooling equipment. For the cold water machine the principle is to a certain amount of water injection machine of the internal water tank, through the mechanism of the cold water cooling system will be water cooling, and then the machine within the cryogenically frozen water injection pump needs to cool equipment, cold water machine the internal heat away, the high-temperature cooling of the hot water back into the water again, so exchange cooling cycle, as the function of the cooling equipment. Industrial chillers are widely used in all walks of life and are often called freezers, refrigerators, ice water machines, refrigerators and coolers. The steam compression chiller consists of four main components: compressor, evaporator, condenser and throttling device.

How does an industrial chiller work?

The operation of industrial chiller systems is through three interrelated systems: refrigerant circulation system, water circulation system and electrical automatic control system.

What is an industrial chiller?

The refrigerant, or refrigerant, absorbs the heat of the object to be cooled in the evaporator and evaporates it into steam. The compressor constantly draws the generated steam from the evaporator and compresses it. After the compressed high temperature and high-pressure steam is sent to the condenser, it releases heat to the cooling medium (such as water, air, etc.) and condenses into a high-pressure liquid. After reducing pressure by the throttling mechanism, it enters the evaporator, vaporizes again, absorbs the heat of the cooled object, and so on. During heating, the refrigerant changes the direction of refrigerant flow through the four-way valve. The flow direction of refrigerant is opposite to that of refrigeration.

 The application field of chiller

Chiller is widely used in plastic, electroplating, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing, food processing and other industrial freezing process need to use frozen water in the field, or can also be villas, restaurants, hotels, institutions, schools, factories and other people activity space to provide comfortable air conditioning field. Because of the wide range of use and use of the chiller, briefly introduce the following chiller in the industrial industry most applicable industries:

Industrial chiller (temperature range: +20℃ TO -25℃ adjustable) is widely used in a variety of industrial production.

1. Chemical (science) industry

2. Plastic products, plastic containers, film making, plastic steel profile, pipe, wire, cable sheath, tire industry 3. Electroplating and machine tool cutting liquid cooling industry

4. Pharmaceutical industry

5. Electronics

6. Hardware industry

7. Food and beverage industry

8. The shoe industry

9. The lab

10. Medical equipment

11. Optical instruments, etc.

Industrial chiller supplier

Wuxi Master Cooling Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of water cooling towers and related equipments including cooling tower, chiller, evaporative condenser, water treatment and other accessory parts. Master Cooling products are widely used in electric power, chemical industrial, metallurgy, cooling, light industrial, civil facilities and other fields.

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