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Why is the FBA package stuck in the receiving state?


For the sellers resident in Amazon FBA shipping, the speed of product processing in Amazon operation center directly affects the operation of product flow and capital chain. Amazon's processing efficiency also fluctuated and was slower than normal due to the impact of the international outbreak.

If the FBA shipment remains in receipt status, it will not only affect the seller's sales volume and inventory level, but also affect the inventory performance index and FBA inventory shipment date. Then, why is the FBA shipment stuck in the receiving state?


Why is the FBA package stuck in the receiving state?

If FBA shipping is used as a logistics method on Amazon's platform, most sellers will notice that some items stay in the receiving state for much longer than expected.

This can mean two things: the seller needs to ship the item to an Amazon operations center for backup, or the item in stock is completely lost.

Typically, delivery times are slow during peak logistics season, but for Amazon operations, at any time of the year, there can be a backlog that causes delivery delays. Given the global supply chain crisis and FBA storage constraints, there will be even more delays.


How to reduce the number of delayed shipments?

According to data from Supplykick, a Parcel is usually nearly three times more efficient to receive and process than LTL. For FBA, a single package delivered by small package carriers such as UPS and FedEX usually takes about 5 days. If LTL is used, it will take about 14 days.

Although the entire logistics process is out of the seller's control after the seller sends the goods to Amazon FBA for distribution, the creation of smaller shipping units will facilitate the receiving, processing and shipping of the goods.

On the other hand, following Amazon's package size and weight requirements also helps reduce delays.


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