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Analysis on the relationship and development of liquid ammonia Market

wallpapers News 2020-09-02

Yinchuan, Central Radio television network, September 8 news: at more than 3 p.m. on September 7, a liquid ammonia leakage accident occurred in Ningxia Jiemei Fengyou Chemical Co., Ltd., located in Ningdong energy chemical base of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

As of early this morning, more than 30 people were poisoned no one died.

Among them, the seriously poisoned people have been transferred to the General Hospital of Ningxia Medical University for treatment.

According to the preliminary investigation, the cause of the accident was that the pressure at the outlet of the third section of the ammonia compressor was on the high side.

The operator opened the vent valve of the third section outlet, the vent air was discharged into the ammonia flare pipeline.

However, the liquid accumulation in the ammonia flare pipeline blocked the venting air suddenly ejected when the vent air gathered to a certain pressure, resulting in the extinguishment of the torch, ammonia gas high concentration Ammonia water is ejected from the torch barrel.

It is reported that Ningxia jiemeifeng youyou is a holding subsidiary of Lutianhua (000912, Guba).

The device was completed put into operation on July 4, 2014, is still in trial operation.

According to jinyindao news, as of September 9, all 400000 tons of ammonia plant, 700000 tons of urea plant 200000 tons of methanol unit of Ningxia Jiemei Fengyou have been shut down, which will directly cause serious economic losses to the enterprise.

2014-4-14 Guangdong Maoming Thermal Power Plant liquid ammonia leakage 19 people were poisoned 2014-4-25 Guangxi Hezhou canning plant no liquid ammonia leakage 2014-6-6 Fancheng cold storage liquid ammonia leakage no 2014-6-10 Guangxi Xingye County National Highway 324 liquid ammonia vehicle no.

2014-7-8 Qingdao refrigeration plant no liquid ammonia leakage No leakage of liquid ammonia from Fushun liquid ammonia tank car in Liaoning Province on July 17, 2014, 8 people were injured due to liquid ammonia leakage in Gaozhou cold storage, Guangdong Province on July 29, 2014, 19 people were poisoned in the freezing workshop of Hainan Dingyuan food factory, August 4, 2014, 1.

5 million yuan from Yuanxing energy subsidiary, August 22, 2014, ammonia leakage in Guangde County, Xuancheng City, more than 30 people in Ningxia Chemical Fertilizer Enterprise (Jiemei Fengyou) were poisoned on September 7, 2014 According to the survey of Jinyin Isl, the occurrence rate of liquid ammonia accidents is very high every year, most of the accidents occur in refrigeration other industries where the equipment is not professional enough.

It is reported that due to the low cost large refrigeration area of liquid ammonia, large refrigeration workshops like slaughterhouses mostly use liquid ammonia as refrigerant.

Generally, there are several tons or even more liquid ammonia in large-scale slaughterhouses.

Liquid ammonia is highly corrosive volatile, so it is easy to leak.

It is understood that liquid ammonia, also known as anhydrous ammonia, is very volatile in the air, is a good refrigeration system, is widely used in industry.

In view of its wide use, we should also pay attention to its dangerous side.

Liquid ammonia volatilizes becomes ammonia, which has strong toxicity.

When liquid ammonia is mixed with air in a certain proportion, it is easy to explode in case of open fire.

The explosion limit is 16% - 25%, the humidity when the maximum explosion pressure is generated is 22.5%. How should the market store transport liquid ammonia with such active chemical properties? First of all, unlike sulfur products, liquid ammonia is not a trade-oriented product.

Its toxic, volatile, flammable explosive properties do not conform to the characteristics of trade-oriented products.

This product is generally transported by hydraulic tank car, which is 25 tons / vehicle.

In addition to a small amount of liquid ammonia storage by some enterprises with liquid ammonia tanks, the general enterprises adopt the mode of production sales.

The profit-making mode of the traders in the liquid ammonia market is also different from that of the trading products.

They usually earn the price difference between the two markets through short-distance transportation.

Moreover, there are not only traders in the liquid ammonia Market.

Some of the sources of goods are sold directly, even through pipeline transportation.

Like other products, liquid ammonia can also be divided into main production area main consumption area.

Under the condition that the price difference between the two regions is constant, the two places can circulate with each other.

At present, the main production areas in China mainly include Shong, Hebei, Henan, Jiangsu, Anhui other places.

As the main consumption areas, there are northeast, Southeast Lianghu regions.

Most of the northeast regions purchase goods from Hebei Inner Mongolia, the southeast mostly transport goods from Jiangsu Anhui provinces.

The freight costs range from 500 to 700 yuan / ton.

The sources of goods in the two lake regions are relatively wide, such as Henan, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Chongqing, etc If the price is suitable, all the goods can be imported, the freight is 300-500 yuan / ton.

Part of the goods in Hebei are sent to the north of Shong, so the two markets are closely related.

the northern Jiangsu market the southern Shong market are "brothers of the opposite sex", the freight from northern Jiangsu market to southern Shong is about 200 yuan / ton.

in the case of a better market in Jiangsu Anhui, some goods in Henan also send to Jiangsu Anhui, with the freight of about 400 yuan / ton.

On the whole, although the chemical properties of liquid ammonia are relatively active, which is not suitable for long-distance transportation, its relevance can also be found between adjacent markets.

In fact, everything is interrelated, the liquid ammonia market is no exception.

Take the rise in the shortage of goods in Jiangsu Anhui markets in mid August.

Firstly, the Youth Olympic Games in Jiangsu Anhui markets increased the downstream dem.

However, there were many parking enterprises, the market was short of stock, so the market situation in southern Shong rose sharply.

Driven by the southern Shong market the parking of enterprises in northern Shong, the market price of Shong went up to a high level Good, the Hebei market is not willing to lag behind, chase up a larger range.

On the surface, the upward trend of the market originated from Jiangsu Anhui, but also ended in Jiangsu Anhui.

At the beginning of September, Jiangsu market began to decline due to oversupply.

At that time, Anhui Lunan began to decline due to lack of support, which further drove other markets to lower operation.

Moreover, the liquid ammonia Market in Hebei Province, together with traffic control the decrease of downstream dem, had a large downward range.

On the surface, this decline can also be attributed to the driving force of Jiangsu market.

Philosophy says that all things in the world are connected.

Not only are the various liquid ammonia markets closely related.

After careful consideration, the causes of frequent accidents of liquid ammonia are nothing more than backward equipment or human operation errors.

As of 2014, although the domestic synthetic ammonia production capacity has reached 77.

27 million tons, most of them are old plants in the 1980s 1990s, unable to achieve full automation, the safety factor is low.

moreover, the downstream storage devices are mainly old ones, which require manual operation.

Once the operator misoperation or not through the complete system of training to operate, will inevitably cause accidents.

Therefore, the most urgent task in the ammonia industry is to eliminate backward production capacity, which can not only prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, but also ensure the further healthy development of synthetic ammonia enterprises.

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