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Chemical industry: economy continues to explore bottom, industry demand may be depressed again

wallpapers News 2020-07-24
According to the

business club's chemical bulk list in August 2014, the prices of 60.9% of the 114 chemical products decreased month on month, only 34.8% of the products increased month on month. Among them, about 10 products increased by more than 5% on a month on month basis, including epichlorohydrin by 28.1%, melamine by 9.2% monoammonium phosphate by 8.75%. The bottom shock of international crude oil prices of

is mainly caused by the low dem of major global economies geopolitical tensions in the Middle East Ukraine. The domestic chemical products, due to the economic data weakening again, the product boom began to decline. The boom products represented by epichlorohydrin melamine have been stimulated by many upstream shutdown maintenance benefits, their prices have risen significantly. However, this kind of short-term product boom caused by supply contraction is difficult to continue. The real recovery of downstream dem will take time. The current price rise is mainly caused by the hoarding of goods by middlemen. The

rubber plastic industry generally fell into the downturn again, only PP BOPP films rose slightly. The lower crude oil price the sluggish downstream dem are the main reasons for the industry's downturn again. Among synthetic rubber, nitrile rubber butyl rubber decreased slightly, while cis-1,4-butadiene rubber styrene butadiene rubber decreased by more than 4%, other major plastic varieties also showed a certain degree of decline. Natural rubber continues to bottom out against the background of global automobile industry weakness. The chemical fiber industry of

is still hovering in the downturn. Only acrylic acrylic fiber acrylic fiber polyester FDY increased by more than 1%, the prices of the remaining 71% products fell year on year. As the international crude oil price fluctuates at the bottom, the price rise of acrylonitrile driven by chemical fiber products, especially propylene products, is restrained, while the dem for polyester, polyamide spex products is restrained by the downturn in the downstream textile garment industry. The product price is still hovering at the bottom, with PTA falling more than 4%, which does not exclude the possibility of further bottoming out of the above products. In the

agrochemical industry, the prosperity of chemical fertilizer hit the bottom rebounded, urea phosphate fertilizer rebounded significantly, vitamin B5, acetic anhydride other varieties with prominent growth in the early stage had a significant correction. After nearly one year's downturn, the domestic fertilizer industry began to rebound, represented by the prices of phosphate fertilizer urea. The main reason is the growth of import dem in India South America. However, the domestic severe excess capacity will restrict the rebound height. Vitamin products, especially vitamin B5, rose too high in the early stage, the industry capacity was gradually released, the price decline was inevitable. The price of glyphosate rose by less than 0.4% did not rebound significantly.

this round of economic restructuring in China may last 3-5 years. The chemical industry is a typical cyclical industry, which is significantly affected by the downward pressure of the economy. The concept stocks of consumption concept, environmental protection military industry are more likely to get rid of the fluctuating impact of the economic downturn. The consumption concept of chemical industry includes daily chemical products automotive chemicals. Under the situation of weak recovery of domestic economy, starting domestic dem is a high probability event. At the same time, with the growing national complex in China, the recognition degree of national brs is expected to be greatly improved. Moreover, China has entered the automobile society, the huge automobile stock market contains huge business opportunities. With the deterioration of the environment, the companies concerned with the improvement of environmental governance will get more development opportunities. It is suggested that we should pay attention to the leading automotive chemicals group, the old daily chemical br Zanthoxylum nitidum, the industrial gas supplier of petrochemical tail gas recovery treatment, SMIC, which is about to produce environmental protection health board, Taihe new materials, the only military bulletproof aramid fiber manufacturer in China.

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