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Coal chemical industry overcapacity enterprises how to survive in adversity?

wallpapers News 2020-06-27

coal chemical industry is a process in which coal is converted into gas, liquid, solid fuel chemicals after chemical processing, the related chemical industry with coal as raw material is collectively referred to as coal chemical industry. From the position of industrial chain, coal chemical enterprises are divided into coke, coal chemical fertilizer, coal liquefaction basic chemical industry with calcium carbide acetylene as raw material.

at present, coal chemical industry is generally faced with serious overcapacity. According to the data of "2015-2020 China's coal chemical industry development prospect forecast investment strategic planning analysis report" of forward looking Industry Research Institute, in 2011, China's coke production capacity reached 600 million tons, while the output was only 428 million tons; in 2012, the coke output was 443 million tons; by 2013, the output reached 476 million tons, even if the new capacity was not considered, China's coke capacity is still obvious. Urea, calcium carbide other industries are facing the same problems. Although the production capacity is gradually increasing, due to the limited dem relatively slow speed of production increase, the general operating rate is low, the overall competitiveness risk resistance ability of the industry are low. Overcapacity, low technical level, large environmental pollution, high energy consumption, even transportation risk have become bottlenecks restricting the development of the industry. The opportunities of

coal chemical industry mainly come from the sustainable growth brought by the cost advantage of enterprises. In the current listed companies, the core competitiveness of coal chemical enterprises comes from: ① the integration of upstream downstream of low-cost coal, enterprises with strong technology capital strength ratio. ② Enterprises with fine product proprietary technology high efficiency coal gasification technology. ③ Enterprises with multi product cogeneration process or future polygeneration strategy are clear, there is a large space for internal industrial chain adjustment, thus bringing comprehensive cost advantage. For large enterprises, scale polygeneration are the future development direction, while refinement polygeneration are the development strategies for medium-sized enterprises. At the same time, investors can pay attention to the merger acquisition opportunities of coke, PVC nitrogen fertilizer enterprises in the bottom or downward cycle of the cycle.

due to the overcapacity of traditional coal chemical industry the goal of energy conservation emission reduction, new coal chemical projects will be the focus in the future. Although the restrictive factors at the national policy level go h in h with the local government's encouragement momentum, the study believes that the development momentum of coal chemical industry will not decrease during the 12th Five Year Plan period. In terms of investment, all kinds of capital are competing; geographically, coal to olefins coal to natural gas will be the main projects.

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