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Price boost titanium dioxide manufacturers fall into internal and external troubles

wallpapers News 2020-08-04

With the advent of the "golden nine", the domestic rutile titanium dioxide market has experienced several rounds of price adjustment, the market price has slightly improved.

However, a few manufacturers in southwest, central South China regions are in a dilemma of capital shortage.

The titanium dioxide analysts of the business community analyze the reasons for this as follows.

Internal worries: 1.

The advantages of our own products are not obvious.

There are more than 50 domestic manufacturers.

The evidence of market competition is self-evident.

If their product quality price advantages are not obvious, it is difficult to win market share. 2. The increase of production costs (raw materials, environmental protection, other costs) leads to the decline of profits.

With the increase of the surrounding costs of necessary raw materials labor, the impending implementation of the most stringent environmental protection law in history, the environmental protection costs such as waste water waste gas of manufacturers are no longer able to cope with 1000 yuan / ton, more investment may be needed. 3. The shift of the focus of high-level decision-making the investment in other fields is wrong.

Foreign troubles: 1.

The dem of domestic industry downstream is weak.

Since the weakness of real estate in 2013 in the domestic market, the overall dem for building materials market has been greatly reduced.

In addition to the expansion reconstruction of several manufacturers' capacity, the proportion of overcapacity has gradually exped, there is obvious competition among manufacturers, there is no obvious benefit in the periphery. 2. The recognition degree of international trade is low point-to-point customers are scarce.

The domestic market is cold the manufacturers shift the focus of shipment to the outside.

The inventory pressure of manufacturers is relieved by using foreign trade.

The advantages of br quality are not obvious.

In addition, the point-to-point customer channels are scarce, so the ability of foreign trade to de inventory can not be exerted.

Such "internal external troubles" make it difficult for a small number of manufacturers to operate, especially those with loan financing at the end of the year, which are even more involved in repayment of loans.

The cash pressure has increased sharply.

Production may be maintained in 2014, but it will be difficult to predict in 2015.

At present, the mainstream quotations of rutile anatase titanium dioxide produced by sulfuric acid process are 12100-13900 yuan / ton 9500-10800 yuan / ton (both including tax).

Yang Xun, titanium dioxide analyst of the chemical branch of the business society, believes: in the short term of the current domestic market, southwest Longqi's boost in September is still there, the price may rise slightly.

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