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Metal powder preparation process inventory-atomization method nonferrous alloys

Vacuum air atomization (VIGA)

Vacuum cleaner air atomization refers to the smelting of steel or metal alloys under vacuum conditions. Under gas security conditions, the metal fluid drains (descending) with the protected crucible and diversion nozzle. It is atomized and broken into items by the high-pressure air flow with the nozzle. A multitude of little droplets solidify right into spherical or virtually spherical bits during flight to attain the function of powder-making.

(Vacuum air atomization (VIGA))

Electrode Induction Gas Atomization (EIGA)

The electrode induction gas atomization powder-making procedure is to accomplish local refining of built alloy poles under appropriate vacuum cleaner problems and protective gas problems. The steel fluid continuously moves down vertically through the nozzle, and the high-pressure air flow atomizes the metal fluid with the nozzle. It burglarizes a great deal of little droplets, and the beads strengthen into bits throughout trip.

Plasma rotating electrode (PREPARATION)

Plasma turning electrode powdering technology is currently among the important innovations for generating top notch round steel powders. The centrifugal force created by the high-speed turning of the electrodes throws out the liquid film to create beads, which are atomized and solidified into round powders in an inert ambience.

Plasma cord atomization (PA)

Plasma cord atomization utilizes high-purity steel or alloy cable as raw material, which is sent to a high-temperature area with plasma as the warm source via a wire straightener for melting. At the very same time, the liquified fluid is atomized by the gas to develop small droplets. After that, It spheroidizes under the action of surface area stress and cools and solidifies into powder throughout the dropping process.

(Plasma wire atomization (PA))

Plasma Spheroidization (PS)

Plasma spheroidization uses DC arc or radio frequency plasma as the warmth resource to heat up the gas. The raw product powder is sent into the high-temperature plasma area via the carrier gas powder feeding gadget to soak up warmth and thaw. Under the action of surface area tension, spherical beads are developed, and then the liquid A modern technology in which drops are cooled down and solidified right into powder via a big temperature level slope.

Water atomization

The fundamental concept of water atomization is that after the raw metal products are melted in the heating system, the melt is put right into a tundish placed at the top of the atomization chamber. The melt circulations through the opening at the end of the tundish right into the atomizer and is broken down into components by the high-pressure water jet. The liquified beads cool and solidify throughout dropping and deposition to form a powder, and finally, the water-powder combination is dehydrated, dried out, and gathered.

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